Denim Review: VooDoo Girl Galaxy Print Denim Shorts

This weeks denim review is a little different as it’s on a pair of galaxy print denim shorts from Voodoo Girl. I didn’t get these to review for DenimBlog, it was for my own, but I thought they would make a different kind of review as it’s festival season.

As you know I am a huge fan of galaxy print and I own it in multiple pieces of clothing and although this isn’t my favourite galaxy print, I do still like the shorts. It’s more purple and pink than usual galaxy print pieces, but I think that makes the shorts much more feminine and pretty. They are super short though, which is why I wear them with leggings because they would be too short for me from behind I think. Plus the fact it’s been really cold, having bare legs isn’t such a great option.

As Coachella and other festivals are coming up due to festival season, I think these would make a really great statement pair of shorts to rock with a funky top. In terms of them being flattering on the butt, I don’t really find them to be because the pockets are not positioned in the correct place, but as Voodoo Girl is not a premium denim brand or a denim brand in general, I wasn’t expecting them to be. With high rise shorts though I often find that not many are flattering on the butt actually, but some are more than others.

I took size small in these and I am usually a 27, so that corresponds well for a close fit, but I would have liked to actually size up in these and got them a little looser so they fit more casual and lower at the back. I think they are designed to be worn a bit loose like One Teaspoon and Mink Pink, so I would recommend taking a size up.

They are definitely pretty and quite unique actually as I’m not used to seeing galaxy print shorts out and about, but they aren’t of premium denim quality, but then they aren’t a premium denim price either. Have any of you tried anything from Voodoo Girl? I love so many of their pieces, especially the tops! Buy these online at ASOS for £77.

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. hello Lorna, can you do more photos with the same denim shorts? but please show as is possible, pockets and the part of behind… Thank you, I love your style πŸ™‚

  2. Hi πŸ™‚ Sorry I forgot to include them, I didn’t have many back shots though as again, I wasn’t intending to actually do these as a review. Hope those are ok!