Denim Review: AG Adriano Goldschmied The Legging in 18 Year Destroy

My review this week is on the AG Adriano Goldcschmied The Legging in 18 Year Destroy. These are my second pair of The Legging fit from the brand, so I will link to my first review (click here) so you can see how these compare to those as well. The fit is pretty much identical, obviously, but the wash is very different.

Again I took size 26 in these as I wanted to be able to wear them many times without them stretching out to be too big. They are quite tight when you first put them on, but they do stretch a little with wear. I’m usually a size 27 in AG Jeans, so if you want to try The Legging fit then you can take your regular size, or you can size down a little for a super skin tight fit. I usually do this with my jeans because after wearing them many times they usually become too baggy if they fit perfect from the off.

These are super skinny all over and they are cropped at the hem too. They fit just at my ankles on me, but for the taller ladies they would appear quite higher. They work great as a full length super skinny jean for me though as you can see. The rise is a medium to low height and it’s not too low at the back either, they give good coverage all around.

The one thing that I love about AG Jeans and the way they fit is how they actually make you look slim. With some other brands I can put them on and the jean can be cut in a way that makes my thighs look bigger and my hips look wider, this happens to me with Current/Elliott sometimes, J Brand and Henry & Belle on occasions (due to my shape), but with AG Jeans, I find them to be cut so slim for my body shape that they don’t enhance anything, they just give a really nice silhouette all over. Especially around the hips and thighs. I’ve seen this on numerous other people in AG Jeans as well, they are so slimming.

As you know I really rate AG Jeans for their flattering back pockets too, they are positioned so perfectly and are just the right size to make the butt look great! The Legging fit from the brand is my favourite one by far, it’s actually one of my favourite cuts from all brands in general actually. I can’t give it high enough marks! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a really soft, comfortable jean that’s super skinny and flattering at the same time, you can’t go wrong with it.

Now for the wash, I can’t say that this is my favourite wash from AG, as I do prefer my 12 Years Dwight wash in this fit, but it is a very pretty wash. The blue is gorgeous as usual which is what I expect from the brand, it has whiskering that’s authentic, beautiful honeycombs on the backs of the knees and a general worn in vintage feel, however the hole at the knee doesn’t sit right on my knee. It sits quite a bit below my knee when it’s supposed to be on the knee, this is down to my legs being shorter than the fit model I’m sure, so that’s why it doesn’t fall in the right place for me like it does on the Shopbop model. I don’t mind the other distressed areas on the jeans, I think they look quite nice, perhaps not as authentic looking as I was hoping, but pretty none the less. I would just love for the hole at the knee to be higher as I think the majority of ladies legs aren’t super long, but those of you who are lucky enough for long legs, these will fit you great!

The wash is a little lighter than it appears in my photos, it’s a bit more like the Shopbop photos, so it’s really pretty and has a dusty feel to it a bit. My favourite part of these jeans is actually the lap area due to the whiskering and behind the knees as well, besides the fit I mean. I actually have my eye on a new lighter wash in The Legging which just came out and I am thinking about getting those ones too! If you have any questions about these jeans just comment and let me know and I can answer them! Buy these jeans online at

Waist aligned – 14.5″
Rise – 7″
Hips – 16″
Mid thigh – 7″
Inseam – 28″
Leg opening – 5″

Jeans courtesy of AG Adriano Goldschmied.
Written by Lorna Burford


  1. I agree with you about the hole. On me it sits below my knee. I’ve had jeans before that are right on my knee and they tear (as in quite a bit, almost to the inseam!) so I wonder if this hole was directly on my knee if it would be the type to keep tearing (with the added strain when you bend and crouch) or stay as is. It doesn’t bother me to the point where I’m dissatisfied with them, as like you said, the wash is fantastic!

  2. Hi! I’ve been wanting to purchase these and I’ve also been having a hard time deciding on which size! I am usually a 25 (sometimes a 26) but I have a pair of regular AG leggings super skinny fit, and like you wrote, it fits perfectly when I first wear them, but then becomes super baggy (especially around the knees) after just one wear, and I like to have my jeans super fitted! I’m scared to get a 24 bc I am normally not a size 24 (although I do have one pair of 24s) and because I don’t want them to look to tight, but according to reviews, it seems that 24 may be the better option. What do you think? Thanks!!

  3. Hi! If you don’t want them to be baggy after a lot of wear, I recommend taking the size 24, but they wont be comfortable from the beginning, they will be tight and you might need to wet stretch them a little to get them to stretch quicker, but it works!

  4. I’ve never used the wet stretch technique! But it sounds like it works 🙂 I just realized that I my three pairs of chord leggings are the AG leggings super skinny fit, and those fit me perfectly in a size 25. I’m guessing that the ones in 18 years destroyed are of different material though and seem to be a bit stretchier? All of the size 25’s are good around my waist..

  5. When you say chord, do you mean corduroy? As in not denim? The 18 Years Destroy here are made from stretchy denim, which is entirely different to corduroy material. Maybe you might be a 25 in both though, so you would fit a 25 in these? I haven’t tried the corduroy ones before. Wet stretching works like a charm 🙂 I actually wrote a post on it and how to do it, if you want to run a search for it!