Chloe Moretz in a Louis Vuitton Denim Dress

Chloe Moretz poses on the Red Carpet for the MTV Movie awards this past weekend. She wore a Louis Vuitton patchwork denim dress with heels.

I really like this dress on Chloe! I think it is very age appropriate and fun on her. I also like the contrasting of the different colors of denim patches; normally, I’m not the biggest fan of logo prints, but I think the LV print is subtle enough and adds a nice detail to the dress. What do you think of this dress?


  1. Hmm I think the dress is pretty unflattering on her and the LV patchwork looks tacky. I think the way the model wore it (with a black long sleeved basic top) looked much better, but the dress doesn’t look good to begin with imo.