4 Ways To Wear White Skinny Jeans – Throughout The Seasons

Summer Look

I have been meaning to do this post for a little while now, but having the time and different locations to take the outfits took up a lot more time than I expected actually. The reason behind this post is simply because I get a lot of questions about white denim. Can it only been worn in the spring and summer? Can you really wear white after Labour Day? Does white denim work for winter? There are always numerous questions and my answer is generally the same, I wear white all year round, no matter what the season.

Yes white is the most effective in the summer time as it’s a great heat reflector to keep you cool, but it works just as well as a winter white, so the purpose of this post was to pick the 4 different seasons and style a look around them. I wanted to work with Hudson on this post which is why I’m using the exact same jeans in each look, the Hudson Nico Mid Rise Skinny in White to be exact. I chose to work with the brand with this pair simply because they have a gorgeous fit and a nice crisp white look. Some white jeans can look cream, be entirely see through and fit a bit loose, but these are perfectly sculpted all over and the inseam is a great length. The back can be a little see through if you wear bright printed underwear, but just keep them neutral. Ok, so on to the outfits.

The look above with the yellow blazer is my summer look. I chose to style the white with yellow because I think yellow is such a summery colour as it’s so bright and intense. As I’m British, I am wearing a jacket over my shirt because obviously we only seem to get about a couple of weeks of summer around July and August, so it’s kind of mandatory to have a jacket with you at all times in the summer just in case. If it’s hotter where you are then you could easily cuff these and wear them with sandals and remove the jacket. That’s what I would do if it was warm enough here!


Autumn Look

Now this look above is my autumn look! I know people usually wear brown and warmer rich tones during autumn, but in all honesty I don’t own a lot of those colours in jackets or lighter weight items. I was sort of inspired by a sailor vibe for this outfit as well which is why I went with navy, but made it more feminine with a silk scarf. I actually received many compliments on this look as well and it seemed to be the favourite out of the 4, so you could definitely wear it to a dinner, evening out etc and look chic and smart at the same time! I think the navy contrasts the blue perfectly!


Winter Look

This look above is my winter look! I paired the jeans with a tan winter coat and tan sneakers. I think white goes really nicely with brown and it shows that you can definitely wear these during the cold months and not look out of place. As long as you pair them with layers and other winter garments, you wont look like you are dressed for summer at all and can easily get away with it. It’s all dependent on what you wear the jeans with! For other wintery looks I would recommend a grey coat or layers of sweaters and grey boots as well, that will go so nicely with the white. I put that look together as a set just below for you to see.


Spring Look

This is my spring look above. I was finding it actually really tricky putting together a spring look, not because the jeans are hard to match, but because I didn’t want to use a colour combination that I had before and I’m using my own clothes from my own closet, so, I went with a simple denim shirt, heels and a hat.

I actually love the combination of light blue denim with white denim, it’s a nice contrast and a very easy way to wear the double denim look without it looking too matchy. For other spring looks I would definitely recommend pastels! I adore the combination of mint and white, lavender and white or pale coral and white, those two shades match perfectly! Unfortunately I don’t yet own anything spring like in those shades so I wasn’t able to put that look together on myself, but I would definitely recommend pastels, so I put together a set below for you to get an idea.


Another Winter Look

You may remember this outfit that I put together when I was asked to do a winter styling post for white jeans (see post here) but it was my favourite out of the 3 I chose and I think it will also work perfectly for a winter look in a country that’s not too cold or an autumn look as well. You can also use my previous post for some styling inspiration! As long as you keep the tops loose and oversized it will pair really well against the skinniness of the jeans! The contrast between tight and baggy is pretty!


Another Spring Look

This is another spring look that I would have loved to have worn myself, but I don’t own any of these clothes. I wanted to show you just how pretty white jeans with pastel shades can look during the flowery season. My favourites are definitely mint, lilac and pale coral, those 3 shades are just so beautiful and work the best out of all the other pastel tones. So which look do you prefer and will you be wearing white jeans all year round like I do? Hopefully this post helps some of you out with your questions and hesitations in regards to white denim!

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. Great post! White jeans have always been so intimidating, so it’s nice to see that they’re really not that hard to style, as I’ve always thought they would be! Also, the fit of those jeans looks amazing!

  2. Great review! The wife read this and stole all your looks! Especially the winter one. She’s now a fan!

  3. I’d love a review on them actually, as I’ve never tried Hudson, but have loved the Nico fit on almost everyone I’ve seen them on!

  4. Nico is great! I reviewed it a few times before in the Chelsea and Cherry wash, but I have it in the waxed burgundy as well as this white one and a palm tree forest print!

  5. Hi, you look lovely in the 4 looks.
    I don’t own a pair of white jeans and I would love to get this brand. The problem is that I’m 5’8 and don’t like a jeans that falls above the ankle… Please let me know if these jeans are ideal for people my height. Thanks

  6. Hi! I would say that these would be above your ankle, they have about a 30 inch inseam. You might want to try a pair of Joe’s Jeans the skinny cut in white, they have a longer inseam!