LOOK BOOK: Natural Selection Denim Spring 2013

We introduced you to Natural Selection Denim back in 2009, but here is their brand new Spring 2013 Look Book for the guys. What I love about the brand is their concept of washes, they literally have an aging process. They have some that are raw, then you have a wash that would be equivalent of some months wear, then more months and then into the years which are super light.

The light ones are my favourites! They seem to pay attention when creating their washes as well because they look so authentic and natural which is what you want when you are looking for the perfect wash! How many of you have worn Natural Selection Denim before? I’m really wanting to try out a pair of the lighter ones as boyfriend jeans, I don’t mind that they don’t come in women’s. You can see the new styles in the gallery below!

Written by Lorna Burford