DL1961’s New Fabric – DLpro

DL1961 has always been known for its Xfit fabric which had a 4 way stretch, making their jeans retain their shape and fit you perfectly, but now they have come out with a brand new denim fabric; DLpro. The brand has taken denim to the next level by combining the Xfit lycra, lenzing modal and tencel fibers, creating the ultimate fit, shape and feel.

This new fabric means the jeans have 99% shape retention, while maintaining an extremely lightweight fabric which is not only breathable, but beautiful at the same time. This new technology gives their denim the power stretch element which everyone loves in a pair of jeans for comfort, but they won’t become baggy or loose with wear like a lot of lighter weight fabrics can.

The DLpro fiber is also 50% more absorbent than cotton, which gives it a gorgeous silk sheen and the ability to mould to the body better than most denim. You can check out some of the key styles in the gallery below and watch a slide show/shop the styles by clicking here. What do you think of the new denim?

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. I would love to try a pair! I love lightweight “denim” fabrics especially when wearing something tight like leggings fit, but they always stretch out immensely, and DL1961’s original x-fit fabric was a bit too thick for my liking.

  2. Lorna, do you think you will be able to review these? Just wondering because I always find your denim reviews very helpful and honest!

  3. Hi Helen! I will be actually! DL1961 are sending me a pair of the Emma cut in the new fabric, so that will be good for me to compare them to my other DL1961 jeans! As I am overseas I’m not sure when they will arrive, but you can keep an eye on the DB instagram as I usually update with photos when new jeans come in. But I’m guessing in a couple of weeks the review will be! My next review is Frankie B galaxy leggings and then some Voodoo Girl galaxy denim shorts, so maybe after that!

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