Denim Review: Frankie B. My BFF Jeggings in Galaxy

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans I have been in love with for a little while now and a pair I was besotted with when I first saw them! The Frankie B. My BFF Jeggings in Galaxy!

As I love and adore galaxy print, the moment I saw these my mouth fell open! I’ve seen many galaxy print jeans and I have found most of them are pretty lackluster and not striking or even very resembling of the gases in space with the stars, so these were a huge and very pleasant suprise to see! I have to say that they are the best galaxy print jeans I have ever seen and they look just like that famous photo that NASA took which Black Milk used in their leggings (which I also love).

Another thing that’s amazing about this print is that they don’t make you look bigger than you are. They definitely don’t create that optical illusion on your eyes which makes your hips or thighs look larger, like most prints do. I find these to be really slimming and flattering for a print. So there literally isn’t anything bad I can say about the print of these jeans at all. It’s stunning and such a statement! I’ve even gotten numerous comments from people who have never given galaxy prints a thought, but they love these, so I think that says something at just how beautiful they are!

Now for the fit, these have the classic Frankie B. BFF Jegging fit, which is a very low rise and extremely flattering, super stretchy skinny. They are made from 97% cotton and 3% lycra and made in the USA. I’ve been a big fan of Frankie B. jeans for years, I got my first pair back in 2008 and I have always found them so flattering on the butt. As you can see in the photos below the back pockets are perfectly positioned to create that rounded feel and they are also just the right size so they aren’t overwhelming.

I really, honestly and genuinely love the fit of these! As with most Frankie B. jeans I find them looser in the waist than most other brands, but that’s something that I don’t mind at all because it’s usually a better fit for me like that. I did take these in a size 27 and I am sure I could size down to a 26 for a tighter fit, as I am worried these might stretch out too much with wear, but as they are, they do fit perfectly. In comparison to other brands I would say they are just marginally bigger than a regular 27, so I would recommend taking your smaller size if you are in-between sizes.

Another thing I adore with these is the fact that the back pocket print is totally different to the overall print on the jeans, I think that creates such a pretty patchwork effect, but it’s also what makes them flattering on the butt. The simple fact that you can see the shape and placement of the pockets on the butt really enhances it. Most times when you get a print, the print goes right over the whole of the jeans and you can’t really see the difference in the jean and the pockets, which can often make your butt appear wider.

Daniella usually makes very innovative and beautiful prints, I find she’s really on point when it comes to pretty washes and Frankie B. honestly doesn’t get the amount of recognition I feel it should do. I have no idea why, it might be down to the lower rises, but they are truly wonderful jeans and so creative! There is a pair of colour block ones I shared with you before that I have my eye on and many numerous others!

The overall feel of these jeans is really soft, they are not itchy and they are quite smooth against the skin as well as being nice and stretchy. I can’t think of anything bad to say about these jeans at all. I love the fit, the feel and the wash! The only thing I can think might be an issue for some others would be the low rise, they are fairly low, but it’s not really a problem if you wear them with longer tops like I usually do. Your butt wont be on show then at all! They also have a white lining, so you can’t really wear them cuffed, but they are amazing full length so I don’t think cuffing would be good anyway. They are so versatile believe it or not and really make your outfit stand out! I love them! Buy these jeans online at Revolve Clothing for $189.

Waist aligned – 15.5″
Rise – 6.75″
Hips – 17.25″
Mid thigh – 7.25″
Inseam – 30.5″
Leg opening – 5″

Jeans courtesy of Frankie B.
Written by Lorna Burford


  1. I know I already said it, but I haven’t actually paid too much attention to Frankie B in the past (perhaps there’s just not enough posts on them, or reviews- since it’s always a risk to order a brand you’ve never tried before) but this review has definetly made me feel like I have to try a pair! And the Galaxy print is very flattering, and even a little girly! I love it!

  2. I really like your overall outfit! That print looks really cool. I used to wear Frankie’s all the time 6-7 years ago, but stopped because they started making the rises too high. Glad to hear they went back to their true form with the low rise – its much more flattering, and like you mentioned, easy to work around with a longer top (if preferred). Whats the back rise btw? My lowest Frankie’s are 9.25″ and highest 10.5″

  3. Hi claire! The back rise is actually not as low, it’s 11″ but that’s measured directly from the crotch seam, if I measure it normally from where the back starts then it’s about 10″ not sure where you measured from?

  4. I’ll have to admit that when you first teased this review I thought, “Omg…those are going to be hideous!” But, after seeing them on you, I love them!!!

  5. I can definitely see why they would look that way not worn, but I think they are gorgeous worn, not one person has said they didn’t like them lol so I think that says something! Daniella did such a good job with these!

  6. I adore the print on these jeansÔǪ And they look so good on you…

    Sadly I cannot do low rise, I am permanently pulling them up to avoid showing my undies (or worst) as I have a prominent “tail” that keeps pulling them down. They also give me muffing topÔǪ :(. I find higher rises more flattering on my body type

    I am still in the look for the perfect galaxy/landscape print denim. I also tried the Paige moonlight but it turned out too stiff and sort of small fitting for my liking.

    Would you please have any suggestion Lorna?

    Thanks.. Coral

  7. Hi Coral! Yeah I know what you mean, low rise is definitely not for everyone, I always wear long tops with mine for that reason 🙂 Have you tried Hudson Nico? They have some galaxy prints, but they aren’t anywhere near as beautiful as these! Or I would recommend Black Milk Leggings in Purple Galaxy. Those aren’t jeans, they are leggings, but they are one of the most gorgeous prints! It’s always so difficult finding galaxy print which is pretty in a great fitting jean. The Hudson ones are more like space in general, not so much galaxy with the purple and stuff.

  8. No, I have never tried any Hudson at all, I didn’t like their signature flap pocket, but I do like the nico style, I was actually eyeing their camo pair but hadn’t got the chance to try it, I didn’t know they had cosmic print, I will look into them right away

    And yeah, these frankies just take the prize on galaxy design, they are just too gorgeous!!!!

    Thanks Lorna for taking the time to reply and help me out, I really appreciate it