Cara Delevingne in 7 For All Mankind The Skinny in Little Venice

The sightings for 7 For All Mankind have been pretty scarce lately. I remember when we used to get sightings of everyone in their Gummy Gweneveres. Those were a great pair on everyone that wore them.

Well, we finally have a sighting of Sevens and it is on no other than the “It” model of the moment, Cara Delevingne. She chose The Skinny in Little Venice with a military jacket, hoodie and motorcycle boots. I am not the biggest fan of orange, well not at all, but I find the beanie to go really well with the look. I also love this wash. It is so classic and one that you can wear day-to-day with everything. It makes me nostalgic of the earlier days of Sevens. Click here to purchase these jeans from the 7 For All Mankind website for $198.

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