PYLO Denim

We wanted to fully introduce you to PYLO Denim. The people behind the brand are widely known as LA’s largest and most distinguished denim manufacturer/wash houses for over 40 years, producing for virtually everyone in the industry. So this year, they decided to launch their own line, taking the time to make a brand that truly sets itself apart from all others.

We spotted Maria Menounous in PYLO just over a year ago, she wore their denim shorts on the beach back in January 2012. But since the brand is officially launching this year in 2013, I would say that we got a rare sighting of Maria in those shorts! I’m sure this will mean that we will be getting numerous celeb sightings in the brand now though, since they are gaining press everywhere. I have included some info on the brand’s background and thoughts, so you can read that below, and I have included 10 images in the gallery of their new styles.

The most environmentally taxing phase of the production process takes place in the wash house. The wash process traditionally consumes an embarrassing amount of water and flushes the lion’s share of the toxic processing chemicals along with it, so PYLO struck out to dramatically reinvent the wash process. The result is a remarkable water use reduction of 90% in PYLO’s proprietary organic dye wash technique called “Earth Wash” (see attached definition) that also significantly reduces the chemicals used to distress the fabric.

The result is gorgeous new denim that is as soft and supple as cotton gets. Only a company with this level of experience in the denim production business could realize this degree of change in the processes that hopefully will trigger an industry wide re-assessment.

Designer Angel Shoshan grew up on an Indian reserve – has been sewing and making clothes since childhood. Started working at Diesel in their wash house, rose up the ranks helping design Divine Rights of Denim, Level 99 and created Denimocracy back in 2007.

Being on both sides of the denim business for so long and seeing first hand the amount of energy, chemicals and water it takes to make one pair of jeans, Angel set out to create the ultimate eco denim line that doesn’t sacrifice style and quality for being environmentally friendly.

PYLO stands for “Pursue Your Life’s Opportunities” and its mission is: Rebuilding the American Dream. Using Earth friendly practices that allow us to meet supply and demand of the fashion industry with a guilt free conscience. We have only One Earth. One Home. Unless you know of any other planet we can destroy, let’s save mother Earth … It’s where I keep all my stuff!!!!!

“Liberty, and Union, One and Inseparable, Now and Forever” – Every great story began with a dream. Our beloved country was built on the dreams of the brave who longed for a better, richer and fuller life, a chance to Pursue Your Life’s Opportunities. It is our patriotic duty to recover the American dream, rebuild the vision, and be the change you want to see in the world. Here at PYLO we are dedicated in restoring the love for America. Not for what it is, or what it does, but for what it promises. CREATE your own American dream, we did!

Written by Lorna Burford