New Denim Brand: de Chemin Jeans

Recently the launch of a new denim brand took place, de Chemin jeans. We have already spotted a pair on Chloe Grace Moretz while Cher Lloyd was also seen wearing a pair of their camo jeans. Hopefully we get some more celeb sightings soon and the brand takes off! I have included a few pictures below in the gallery as well as some information from their press release. So what do you think of the new brand? Do you like de Chemin Jeans?

Born from the son of 70’s label Chemin de Fer, the collection is engineered to enhance the appearance of your bottom. Each pair is constructed employing more than twelve pattern pieces of engineered stretch fabrication. The clean lines are structured to contour and enhance the fit on the body. On the back of the jeans, there are strategically placed reverse yokes. The waistband is sculpted to frame your shape, and the detailing on the hips is inspired by aerodynamic design to lengthen the legs.

Jason Gaon asked himself, “If my father had access to the finest mills, craftsmanship and technology of today what would he do? He would do de Chemin jeans.”

Iconic retro styling details of brass buttons are a nod to the 1970s legacy, while the non traditional bodies of de Chemin offer the market a fresh take on premium denim. de Chemin jeans are designed and produced in Los Angeles, California using the highest quality cone denim sourced from North Carolina. In French, de Chemin translates to the path, and Gaon’s American ingenuity has sparked a new and innovative journey of hand crafted denim.