Gwen Stefani in a Paige Lenny Zip Jacket & Bleulab Jeans

Spending some quality time with her boys, Gwen Stefani was spotted out wearing a Paige Lenny Zip Jacket in Owen with a pair of Bleulab Anti Fit Coated Black Jeans and wedge sneakers.

Normally I think wearing a leather sleeve jacket and coated pants would be too much leather, but of course, Gwen pulls it off. I think because she kept the rest of the outfit really casual with the sneakers and tee shirt, it doesn’t look like too much leather. What do you think of Gwen’s look? You can buy this jacket from Paige Jeans for $229.00.


  1. are you kidding me? these look terrible. Gwen is a babe and can pull off most anything, but these are not flattering. they are called the ANTI-FIt…how about the ANTI-flatter?!

    seriously, she would be better off going into Gavins closet and wearing anyone of his jeans.

    she msut have been given these….no one would ever buy!