DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview with Janine Shaw, Designer of Denimocracy

You’ve seen Denimocracy’s Spring lookbook and their Spring line in action, but what about behind all of that? I have for you an exclusive interview with Denimocracy’s designer Janine Shaw. I sat down with her to ask her a few questions about the line and even a few questions about her personal life. Ladies and gentleman…meet Janine!

DB: What sets Denimocracy apart from other denim brands?

JS: The fabrics are the finest fabrics available sourced from all over the world, they are amazingly soft and comfortable. We work with the best laundries in Los Angeles and the wash processes are extremely ground breaking and like nothing that is out there. The Denimocracy line is sexy and not afraid to have fun. While staying on trend, we have no desire to look or feel like everyone else. We strive to push for perfection in all aspects.

DB: Take us through the steps of developing a collection for Denimocracy-

JS: It all starts with finding the most beautiful and innovative fabrications. We then create mood boards with inspiration images in order to visualize the overall feeling & direction for the season. From there we play with color palettes, silhouette sketches, denim wash & novelty dye treatments and creative concepts & details. Each piece is made one by one and perfected until it is loved and adopted into the collection.

Denim Blog: What was your inspiration for Spring/Summer 2013?

Janine Shaw: The theme for Denimocracy Spring 2013 is Utopian Dream – inspired by the natural elements (earth, wind, water & fire) in a bright fantasy wonderland. Natural sun bleached corrosion;dreamy and marbled rock surfaces of bleeding color & exquisite sunsets. This line has a Romantic, ultra femme & bohemian free spirit feeling.

DB:What is your ultimate goal/vision for Denimocracy?

JS: My goal is to perfect the evolution of denim by creating a line that is inspired by vintage aesthetics while constantly updating and pushing the envelope with modern elements. As a brand we want our customers to feel confident and love how they look and feel while expressing their unique personality to the world.

DB: LOVING the tie dye that’s entering the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, how is Denimocracy’s tie dye denim different and what inspired you to bring these types of tie dye in?

JS: Playful prints are extremely popular right now but I wanted to create pieces that looked like a work of art. We developed one of a kind dyes that were done by hand and naturally affected by nature. There are several multi color batik tie dyes, that are really special and stand out.

DB: What is your favorite item from the collection?

JS: My favorite item is the Indigo Jigsaw in our best selling Luxe Skinny. This style has a modern and edgy patchwork denim, I really love the various shades of denim in one garment.

DB: Off the topic of denim, name one interesting thing about yourself that our readers would love to know/find interesting.

JS: The highlight of my day is coming home to my scruffy poodle mix puppy named Levi.

DB: Thanks Janine!