Den.m Bar Part 3

It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited to show you the final product of my Den.m Bar custom made jeans. To refresh your memory, I went to Den.m Bar in Downtown LA, to customize a pair of my very own jeans every step of the way…from button to pocket fabric. After a few fittings and some alterations, I have the final product.

The fabric is great, a thick and sturdy raw denim from Japan which has a weight of 13.5 oz, so that I can dress it up or dress it down. The orange stitching I chose was done flawlessly with straight double stitching and every detail in tact. The little Den.m Bar patch is small yet strong and I appreciate that it’s not distracting from the jeans.

Now this is where the customization comes in handy: I chose a super skinny cropped jean because I’m petite in size which means “short” jeans are regular on me and the rise is one of the only rises that actually fit me. I love the inseam of my new jeans as they hit at the sweet spot of the ankle, lengthening my body. The only complaint I have is that the thighs/crotch areas are still a little loose, but it’s nothing that can’t be fix and nothing that they haven’t offered to fix.

My favorite part of my new jeans? The hounds tooth pocket. It’s like a little secret only I know, but is a fun surprise if anyone ever spots them. Overall the jeans are really well made and a great quality pair of denim. I’d like to personally thank Den.m Bar for being so accommodating, professional, sweet and most importantly for the opportunity! I love my new custom jeans and plan on wearing them often.