Cara Delevingne in a Bleached Tie-Dye Denim Jacket

Update – this jacket is the Paisley Voodoo denim jacket by Waiste!

Cara Delevingne was pictured leaving ‘The Cockpit” pub in West London looking a bit down, until a very nice photographer handed her a pack of Haribo sweets and the London Evening Standard newspaper where she made the front page. She seemed to perk up a little then, so I guess not all paparazzi are bad.

Cara wore a bleached sort of tie-dye denim jacket with some paisley patches on the shoulders. I’ve literally seen Cara in almost every single fashion show that’s walked this season. It’s amazing just how popular she has become over the past year. She has such a distinctive look with her eyebrows and she walks really well, so I’m not suprised fashion houses are falling at her feet. I like how she never takes herself seriously either, she just has fun. What’s your opinion of Cara?

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  1. She’s so impeccably cool. She’s such a goof backstage but then kills it on the runway! Do you have any idea where her pants are from? So envious of her tomboy street style!

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