Winter Jackets

Yes, it is still cold and yes, I’m sure you can’t wait to not have to wear a big jacket anymore. I don’t know about you guys, but as winter carries on I find myself repetitively wearing the same outfit: a warm jacket, flats and jeans. I start loosing creativity when it’s cold because I’m just concerned about being warm. Below are a few categories of jacket/coat options to pair with your jeans to keep you warm without loosing the stylish part. Of course, you might have to layer with some of them but feel free to slip a hoodie on under them or pair one of the bigger jackets listed below, over them. Have fun, mix and match and most importantly, have fun with your denim!

BlazersTux jacket Topshop / Tartan blazer / Dorothy Perkins lightweight jacket / Topshop ponte boyfriend blazer / Mango tux jacket / ONLY blazer/

Blazers are more of a lightweight coat and definitely made for more of a Spring or Fall season, but I say bring those babies into the winter! Put a warm sweater under, a scarf on top and some gloves with a great pair of flares. A form fitting jacket like a blazer goes great with a bolder bottom like a flare. If you’re still cold (which in a lot of places is still possible) pair a pea coat (listed below) over this little outfit you’ve created and you’re guaranteed a warm, cozy time out.

Uniqlo pea coat / Uniqlo pea coat / Harrod’s st john / STEFFEN SCHRAUT Grey pea jacket/

Ahhh pea coats. Warm, stylish and yes, comfortable. I live in my pea coat despite living in a warmer LA. When the nights get cold I put a hoodie under my pea coat to keep me warm. Adding a hoodie under your pea coat adds a little style to an already stylish coat which is a win, win with or without a hoodie. Pair your pea coat with a skinny jean to slim up your look. Pea coats can be big and bulky, but by throwing on a skinny jean you can counter act this look, giving it balance.


Levi’s biker jacket / Current/Elliott olive jacket / Ralph Lauren Collection pink genuine leather jacket / H&M jacket / theyskens’ theory genuine leather jacket/

LA is the land of leather jackets. They are the perfect weight for the weather out here and can keep you warm just by themselves. Just like I stated with the blazers, feel free to layer these coats with sweaters, scarves and gloves for the more chilly areas of the globe. Any type of jeans look great with leather jackets: skinny, flares, wide leg or boyfriend. The cropped shape of a leather jacket lightens up the appearance of the look giving you freedom with the bottom half of your clothing.

Coach trench coat / Burberry trench coat / Burberry beige trench coat / Navy Double breasted coat / Sheer RED Valentino/

A staple in every person’s closet: The Trench Coat. Trench coats are classic, timeless and will last you a long while (depending on the brand). Trench coats are usually a longer coat, keeping more of you warmer in the cold weather. Layer these lighter weight coats and pair them with flares or skinny jeans. Both are great choices and feel free to mix and match!