Dressing For The Winter: UK Edition

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This is the final installment in our dressing for winter series and it’s the UK edition. Those of you who live in the UK, like myself, will probably understand that our winters are usually a lot different to those in LA or other parts of the country due to the excessive rain. England is known for grey skies and rain and honestly that is exactly what it is like, although at the moment we have snow lining the grounds for some extra wetness and cold! For my dressing for winter post, I used the 4 main staple items which keep me warm! One thing I always do is layer though, so make sure you have your layers on underneath before you start! Purchase the items by clicking the corresponding numbers.

For jeans (above), I chose 4 staple winter pieces which are black, medium blue, corduroy and velvet. I have chosen all skinny jeans because with the rain and wet grounds your bootcuts or flares are going to get ruined and soaked. I know from experience! So skinny jeans are much better for keeping the hems dry and clean which will in turn stop your ankles from getting cold against wet denim. I chose black and medium blue because both of those washes go with absolutely everything! I also chose corduroy as it’s warm, and velvet because it’s a pretty wintery fabric!

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For your coat, I would recommend something warm so I chose the option of a pea coat, a warm parka and a shearling style aviator coat. Underneath my coat I always have a tank top, sometimes a t-shirt over that, then a jumper/sweater over that again, before adding my coat on top as I need that extra warmth. Each of these are stylish and classic, so you can’t go wrong.

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For footwear, to stop slipping in the rain or snow, I recommend wearing flat shoes of some variety. Since it’s too cold for slip on flats, my choice of shoes are always ankle boots, wellingtons/rain boots and hidden heel high top sneakers. I find the hidden heels are fine because they are low and the sneaker style of the shoe means you have grip. If I am going out for a while around town etc then I always wear these types of shoes. They are all easy to tuck your jeans into and with the short coats above, they look well placed. Just be sure to not wear suede in the rain, I’m sure you know not to, but the rain comes through and soaks your feet.

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Now one of the most important parts to finishing off an outfit is accessories. An absolute MUST have for living in the UK is an umbrella. I have quite a collection of them, especially a clear one as it lets light in and you can see where you are going. I also live in scarves and hats to keep my body heat in and gloves are a necessity as my hands always freeze. I couldn’t honestly be without any of these items, they are a necessity for sure!

So these are all my staples and essentials for dressing in the UK during the winter. Have you enjoyed these series and what type of winter do you usually go through? The warmer LA kind or the colder UK and NY kind?

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. I like how you suggest things for a winter apparel with a variety of choices to choose from. I think I know what look to achieve this coming winter: The first lady pilot – Amelia Earhart, I would pick the velvet denim together with the aviator jacket and an ankle boot with mittens. Cool!