Denim Review: JET Hippie Faded Skinny Jeans

My review this week is on a pair of the Hippie Faded Skinny Jeans by JET that I have had for a while and still wear to this day because the wash is so amazing. It has to be one of the best blues.

I’ll start off with the wash. It is one that I find to be one of the best medium to light blue washes out there. There is really no wonder why they were a celebrity favorite when they first came out. There is fading on the thigh as well as some whiskering on the lap of the jeans and behind the knee.

Along with the wash of the jeans, the distressing appealed to me. I’m not sure which caught my eye first. My theory is that you can never have too many distressed jeans. These are probably one of my top favorites when it comes to that because they are so simple and natural looking. They have a rip at the knee that anyone can very well say they ripped themselves, that is how well done it is. There is also minor frays around the hem as well as pockets of the jeans.

The pocket of the jeans is the classic JET pocket with thunderbolts. I find that the bolts actually help the jeans by somehow making them even more flattering than what they already are on the bum. The pockets are a good size and centered perfectly too.

I went with my usual size in these, which is a size 6, and they fit me just as well as the many other pairs that I have by them. Out of all the brands that I have tried, I probably have more JETs in in my collection, in comparison to the others. The jeans are cut slim all the way down the leg and with a 32 inch inseam, there is some bunching at the ankles, but not a lot on me.

The material of the jeans is what is really great about them. They do hold their shape quite well. I wore them for weeks straight when I got them and they didn’t stretch out whatsoever. What is also great is that they are a thicker pair of jeans, so even with the distressing, they still keep you warm when it is cold. Though thicker, they do not feel restricting to walk in like most thicker jeans do. There is quite a bit of stretch to them that makes the jeans move with you. They are also soft to the touch from the first time you put them on and get even softer the more you wear them.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these or the many others that JET has to offer. I have tried just about every pair that has been released and I can definitely vouch for them. There is a reason why I have so many pairs by them. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the JET website for $194.