Black Jeans – Finding The Right Pair: Men’s Edition

Just like for women, finding the right pair of black jeans for the men is definitely a task on its own. I have tried black from just about every brand and I can say that there are some that are above others. There are many different washes of black and depending on what you are looking for, it can be tough trying to find the perfect shade that you want. You can click through the post to see the different types of black.

J Brand|Jean Shop|Nudie Jeans|Burberry Brit

The classic deep dark black wash is one that I think everyone should have. You can style them in various ways because they can be just as versatile as the classic blues. Finding the perfect pair of these can be a feat of its own though. I have seen a few that have had a washed out lining and don’t look too good cuffed. The key to finding the perfect pitch black is the word “Overdye.” That will insure you that the lining of the jeans will be black and will give you a clean silhouette when you decide to do a cuff.

Joe’s Jeans|Nudie Jeans|DSquared2|Balmain

The faded black. This one has to be my favorite because they are a more relaxed style and they are pretty much low maintenance. You can wash them as much as you want because they are already faded. The shade is also a great way to add details to your look when you are one that isn’t interested in color. The Joe’s are a personal favorite of mine (see review here) not only because of the wash, but also due to the fit of them.

Givenchy|Billt Ornade|Maison Martin Margiela

Coated denim is one that is slowly gaining more popularity by the day for men. It is a great alternative to leather as it gives that same slick look and can be worn in numerous ways just like a pair of pitch black pants. By switching out a clean black for a coated, you can add some interest to the usual look. Along with the coating, fashion houses like Givenchy have added motorcycle details to their jeans as well.

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