Zac Efron in a Fleece Lined Denim Jacket

I got really excited when I saw these photos of Zac Efron on set filming scenes for his new film ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ in New York City. It means more sightings of Zac in denim for DenimBlog! He’s been missing for such a long time!

Zac always loves to wear denim, whether he’s on set or not, so naturally his characters outfit included a dark blue denim jacket with a navy fleece collar and lining, which was paired with some stone coloured pants and a green shirt. Hopefully this means we will be spotting Zac more often now, which is great, as I know he’s a big favourite of so many of our readers! I really hope he wears some of his old Diesel’s and Nudie jeans soon! Or even his vintage Levi’s shearling denim jacket too!

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  1. Arghhh! This guy is HOT like that!! I wish he’d always stay is way, not skinny! He looks like a real man here! I hate it when he dresses like a little boy!

  2. He looks YUMMM! Now i’d want to meet him! I heard he’s the kind of guy who dates fans :p
    I never was a big fan anyway, i just loved him in the lucky one coz he was gorgeous, so
    I fit perfectly dont I? :p i mean im not a crazy fan, nor do I dislike him, i just think he’s ridiculously hot and interesting the way he looks now :p