Denim Review: Current/Elliott The Skinny in One Wash

For my review this week, I decided to choose an older pair of jeans, the Current/Elliott The Skinny in One Wash from their Deadstock collection a few years ago. I have had these for over two years now and have worn them endlessly since then. So there is some wear here and there throughout the jeans.

I got these in a size 27 and I have to say that they run true to Current/Elliott sizing. I could have taken my usual 26 in these, but I’m happy that I decided not to. When I first got them and wore them endlessly, they did stretch out a little over a size or more. To be honest, if you are able to still find these jeans, I would not recommend sizing down. Even after the stretching, I found that they were still a bit difficult to move around in. I think that is just an issue now because I am used to the stretch content in the newer styles.

Like I said earlier, I am happy that I got these in a bigger size. They are made up of 99% cotton and 1% Polyurethane as the stretch. That was the case with most Current/Elliott jeans during their early days. The poly tends to keep the jeans stretched out opposed to having them hold their shape. The fabrication of the newer styles by Current/Elliott are much different and most of the newer styles do retain their shape. These have a super soft hand that all Current/Elliotts have which is a positive and they feel like an amazing pair of vintage jeans, but they don’t have much stretch. If I got these in my regular size I probably would not be able to move at all. I don’t know how we did it back then. But they are Deadstock inspired, so the minimal stretch is explainable.

The wash is my favorite part of the jeans. It is what got me interested in them when I first decided to buy them. It is dark blue with black undertones, which I think is the best kind of dark blue wash that was inspired by old Deadstock styles worn by Rockabillies. They are a clean, crisp washed pair of jeans that can be worn with cuffs and a plain white t shirt very easily.

Overall, I think the wash of these jeans is amazing. I still pull them out and wear them still this day because of the wash, and because they are super soft. The versatile wash makes up a bit for the lack of stretch in the jeans for me. How many of you readers tried out the jeans from the Deadstock collection by Current/Elliott?