Weekend Going Out Look: Koral Los Angeles Skinny Jeans in Merlot

It’s my turn this week to style the weekend going out look and I have been really excited for this post! One of my favourite jeans are these Koral Los Angeles skinny jeans in Merlot that I got a few months ago as I find them so versatile and gorgeous! I dress them up or down and they work either way, so that’s why I wanted to include them in this weeks look.

This outfit is very much my style as it’s something that I would wear out. I always love adding colour and stand out pieces to my outfits as I find that dressing in dull colours or an outfit that’s mostly the same shade can get quite boring. This is just how my personality is though as people like Kate Moss can get away with the monochrome look day after day and make it work!

So, for this outfit, I paired the Koral jeans with a black blazer from River Island, a pewter/silver cami top from Mango, some Miss KG Arctic black suede ankle booties and an Anya Hindmarch pewter glitter clutch. I kept most of these pieces affordable from the high street as I know not everyone (myself included) can afford to splash out on expensive clothes that you would only wear a couple of times or less, so I tend to do a lot of my shopping (jeans not included) in places like Topshop and Zara which is much cheaper than designer, but still of better quality than most.

Overall though, I really love this look and am inspired to wear an outfit like this next time I go out to dinner or something similar. What do you think of the look? I feel like it’s really dressy, but it’s still a statement as the jeans are burgundy and you have elements of sparkle! I also much prefer pewter over silver as I feel it’s more classic, silver can be too bright and tacky sometimes when it comes to glitter, so pewter is a better shade to wear to keep it smart. You can also read my review on these jeans here.