Mick Jagger in Custom J Brand Jeans

Custom jeans seem to be making their rounds at concerts lately, by J Brand in particular. First it was Rihanna in her custom shorts, then Madonna in the pair named in her honor and now it is the legend himself, Mick Jagger, wearing a custom pair by the iconic brand.

For the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Concerts at the O2 Arena in London, Mick wore a pair of black custom slim fitted jeans. Mick must have the same issue as I do finding the perfect slim jeans…well from the men’s section. I just go for the J Brand 910. I wonder if this is what Mick did before these? You can click here to purchase J Brand jeans from their website.


  1. Wearing jeans meant for women, in terms of the style/cut/tailoring, simply does NOT look good on men. I’m all for skinny jeans, and wear them myself exclusively. Clothes designed for women take into account their curves and what flatters them, and not guys.

  2. I think a lot would disagree actually, I know quite a few guys who wear women’s skinnies (as they have small body frames) and they look really good. I wouldn’t recommend guys wearing bootcuts or flares, but take a higher rise women’s skinny and then wearing it slouchy looks a lot like a guys jean. It works well for the guys with very slim legs who want a really skinny fit. I think it’s body dependent, but I definitely get what you’re saying. It does only work with skinny jeans on skinny guys basically, it wont work any other way without looking feminine 🙂 🙂

  3. i agree, a lot of my male friends wear women’s jeans. i don’t understand the problem.
    if they were not merchandised you most probably couldn’t tell the difference yourself MSalonen between and men and women’s skinny….