Kim Kardashian in Bleulab Detour Leggings in French Chalk

Kim Kardashian was seen arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida with her best friend Jonathan Cheban (who was wearing Diesel). I’ve heard rumours that Kim was there as the hotel has a plastic surgery office on floor three, but I have no idea if she’s having anything else done or just staying over.

Getting back to Kim’s outfit, she chose to wear her Bleulab Detour Leggings with the French Chalk side showing, a black jacket, a white t-shirt and some black heels. I always find that Kim’s outfits are constantly monochromatic now, we never see her in bright colours anymore or regular blue denim. She used to get caught in ripped blue jeans every week! I hope she might decide to wear them again soon as she loved her JET Jeans. You can buy Bleulab reversible jeans online at

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