Kim Kardashian in Balmain Skinny Zipper Jeans

Kim Kardashian headed to a taping of The X Factor to support her sister, Khloe, who is currently serving as a judge for the show.

Kim wore her Balmain Skinny Zipper jeans with a cream blouse and heels. She doesn’t usually repeat outfits, but she tends to wear all white/cream pieces with these jeans. I’d love to see her wear them with a bright color. You can buy Balmain online from

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  1. i know no one will agree with me, but she’s sported many best jeans in the few past months. if it’s not her character or voluptuous bottom, i’ll vote her denim icon in 2012.

    BTW, there are many ppl such as models, editors, bloggers who wear best jeans during fashion week. maybe readers like me would like to know who make their desiger jeans.

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