Favourite Celeb Outfit: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian used to get spotted in denim multiple times a week at the beginning of this year, however her sightings have dropped dramatically since the Summer. I also noticed as I was going through all of these photos that since she got together with Kanye, her style has become more leather and black/white orientated. We don’t often spot her in jeans anymore and if we do, they are either of the grey, black or white variety. I actually do miss her old blue distressed denim looks!

Anyway, here are all of Kim’s outfits that we have blogged her in this year. Please vote for your favourite one and we mean favourite by her head to toe outfit, not just the jeans she’s wearing. If you hover your mouse over the images in the gallery, you will see each one has a number assigned to them so you can cast your vote in the poll. You can also vote in our other celebrity polls by clicking here.

Which outfit of Kim Kardashian's do you like the most?

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