DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview with David Kubresi, CEO of Vigoss Jeans

Born in 2002, Vigoss Jeans joined the many denim brands in the industry, giving them all a run for their money with their price point and quality. Vigoss has ventured into great washes and treatments over the years with a great fashion forward appeal.

For their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, they brought on indie vixon Sky Ferreira to be the face and she rocked it on that rad motorcycle. I had the honor of meeting the Vigoss team at MAGIC back in August and was pleased to do an interview with the CEO, David Kubresi. Enjoy!

1. Hi David! So tell me, how did you get started in denim?

When I moved to the US, I knew I wanted to start a business that really tapped into American culture. I noticed right away on the streets, subways, restaurantseveryone wears jeans. Denim is such an integral part of the way we dress, no matter what age.

2. What separates Vigoss from other denim companies?

Our quality, styling and price point. Our jeans have premium details like leather-backed buttons and hand-blasted denim for under $100.

3. Your life is denim. What is YOUR favorite denim wash/cut/fit?

My favorite denim wash is dark and deconstructedit looks very American vintage.

4. What era was/is your favorite for denim? Why?

The current era. Denim has evolved so much in terms of quality and style. Today, women can get away with wearing pretty much any silhouette. You can be adventurous without looking out of style.

5. Who is the Vigoss girl?

The Vigoss girl is a trendsetterÔÇöconfident and original. Very fashion savvy, she demands quality and craftsmanship.

6. Vigoss is a very interesting name, where did the Vigoss name come from?

I wanted to name Vigoss after my brotherÔÇöhis nickname is “Vigo.” We played with the name until deciding on Vigoss.

(A few pairs from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection)

7. What was your vision for Vigoss when you started, and how is it different or the same?

My vision for Vigoss has always been the sameÔÇöfor every woman on the street to be wearing Vigoss. I want to continue to give women stylish denim at an affordable price.

8. Anything exciting coming up for Vigoss that we should know about?

We are focusing on creating innovative washes, amazing new colors, fun prints, and denim with special details like embroidery, zippers, and studs. For the fall, we are excited to make a return to blue denim, offering a wide range of styles.

Thanks David and Vigoss!