Denim Review: Rag & Bone The Cropped Skinny in Destroyed Chester

For my review this week, I’m wearing my first pair of Rag & Bone jeans. These are their Cropped Skinny jeans in Destroyed Chester which were designed exclusively for Intermix and are only available to buy there. I have tried Rag & Bone before when I ordered them online, I had a pair of their Legging jeans in turquoise, but I really didn’t get on with those as I found them too big and not very flattering, so I was hesitant about trying these ones out in fear of them being the same. Luckily as it turns out, their actual jeans are nothing like their leggings, so that’s great! I always find there is a cut in every brand that doesn’t work for me though as they are all different.

These are actually supposed to be a cropped fit skinny jean, but because I have shorter legs they actually fit me perfectly as a regular skinny jean as you can see in the photos. They hit around my ankles, almost mid ankle to just slightly above, and I find that the best length for me in super skinny jeans. I love the fact that I haven’t had to hem them and they fit very skinny all the way to the ankles which is also how I love my jeans. I would say if you are more on the petite side or have shorter legs then definitely go for their cropped skinny instead of their regular skinny as they will be the perfect length without hemming.

These differ a lot from their Legging jeans that I tried previously as I found those to run huge, I would have probably needed a 25 in those as they were so stretchy and I just didn’t find them flattering at the crotch or butt area, where as I took a 27 in these and they seem to run true to size in comparison to most of the other brands I wear and I do find them very flattering. I have been asked recently to provide measurements in my reviews to give more accurate sizing details, so I will leave those measurements at the bottom of the review text, for reference.

The other main love that I have about these, which now also helps me understand why so many celebrities favour the brand every single day, are the back pockets. Also unlike their leggings, since the denim is more sturdier and thicker, the back pocket placement sits correctly and looks incredible in my opinion. I had a couple of compliments about how nice these jeans fit and I do agree, they do fit very well, especially from behind. I find the back pockets to be placed slightly higher than other brands like 7 For All Mankind, but they are a bit lower than most of J Brand’s back pockets, so I think they have the perfect positioning. That slight height gives the butt a rounded and pert look, which I love, and they are also a bit bigger than other back pockets so I find that to be an enhancement too, as well as the vertical line down the middle of each pocket, that adds some perkiness to the shape. You can see in the photo below (the close up) what I am talking about, so you can get a better idea.

These do have a higher rise than most skinny jeans I wear, I usually like a 7 inch rise and these are about an 8.5 inch rise, but since these have quite heavy lap whiskering details, it doesn’t look too high as the horizontal lines take away the overall height impression. Speaking of those details, the Destroyed Chester wash was exactly what attracted me to these jeans in the first place. I thought it was beautiful online and it’s even more pretty in real life. When I first saw them they did take my breath away and I was so excited to put them on and check out every single aspect of them.

Again, since these are cropped, the heavy distressing at the knees actually fits me where it’s supposed to, although it could be slightly higher up for an even better look, but it’s near enough correct, which is a bonus as a lot of the time the distressing is too low at the knees. These also have destruction on the front pockets, to the sides, as you can see in the close up photo in the gallery, so it’s nicely spread over the jeans for a symmetrical look and it all looks evenly placed.

The overall blue of the jeans is really nice too, I would say it’s a little lighter in person than the main image I used above, it’s more like the close up front photo in gallery image 7, so it’s very pretty. I do think this Destroyed Chester is amazing, personally, I am a huge fan of it and can’t stop staring at it. If I could change maybe one thing about it, it would probably be the lap whiskering, I would make it less prominent or more natural looking as up close it’s quite hard, so it doesn’t look as authentic as it possibly could, but that doesn’t really deter me away from the wash as a whole, it’s stunning.

I’ve worn these 3 times already and they are very comfortable, the denim is not stiff or restricting so it’s very easy to move around in and sit down or walk about, it’s definitely breathable as well. They have stretched out a little bit, so maybe I would recommend if you were very much between sizes in Rag & Bone to go with your smaller size and just wear them until they give a little more. Mine are a fair bit looser now then when I first got them, so it’s definitely easy enough to stretch them out if need be. The best thing about the issue of jeans stretching out though, is with this pair in particular, due to the distressed wash, they don’t look sloppy when worn a little looser, they still look just as good, so I’m happy about that!

This has turned into quite a long and in depth review and I think I have covered every aspect of them possible, including the measurements just below, and overall I do absolutely love them and I understand fully why everyone is such a huge fan of the brand and exactly why we see sighting after sighting of Rag & Bone on DenimBlog every day! I would absolutely recommend that you try them if you haven’t already and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. I find them to be so on trend with everything in the denim world and so inventive and creative, they are a brand that’s always caught my eye.

As you know I always include the negatives and positives in all of my reviews, but aside from the fact that the lap whiskering could be slightly less intense and the knee distressing to be a little bit higher (but that’s for my leg length only), I can honestly find no negatives about these jeans at all. If throughout my time of wearing them over the next few months I do come across any, then I will update you and let you know, but I am inclined to think that I wont and they will just get even more comfy and better with wear. These jeans are available to buy exclusively at Intermix and are ON SALE for only $99!! Amazing price too! If you have any questions, please do comment and let me know and I will be happy to answer them if I can! I am also trying to vary the styles I review, but since skinny jeans are what is most popular at the moment, they seem to be the styles I get sent the most.

Measurements on size 27:

Waist aligned – 14.5″ – 14.75″
Rise – 8.5″
Inseam – 27.25″
Hips at crotch – 17″
Mid thigh – 7.25″

Jeans courtesy of Rag & Bone.


  1. They look GREAT on you. I’m a huge fan of Rag & Bone. Definitely my favorite brand in a while… Ummm, that blazer is amazing! Who makes it??

  2. I personally didn’t hit it off with Rag & Bone as I wanted to… I bought a pair of skinny in Preston and I just hated the way they felt ๐Ÿ™ Really itched and scratched my skin like no other. But these look great on you!

  3. I have super sensitive skin too so I never get on with poly blend denim, I’m assuming the Preston wash has polyester in? These are super soft so I don’t think you would have the itchy/scratchy problem with these at all, as I don’t ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s horrid getting a pair like that, they are unbearable to wear!

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