Denim Review: Levi’s Juniors 535 Legging in Black As Night

This weeks denim review is on a pair of Levi’s Juniors 535 Leggings in Black As Night that I got a few months ago unexpectedly and actually surprisingly love. To my understanding, their Junior’s range is for the older teenagers and I never really thought about wearing Juniors jeans (or jeans for teenagers) before, but as it turns out, I was really suprised at how well they fitted me.

I got size 5M in these jeans, which I think works out to a size 27 as that’s my usual Levi’s size. Their sizing chart can be quite complicated, but I think if you base it off of a size 5 being a size 27, then you should be able to judge what size you would need. They also do their inseams in S, M and L. I have the M, which measures at a 30″ length, so I am assuming that S will be 28″ and L will be 32″. I have included the jeans measurements at the bottom of the review for you to see and work out yourself, as I know that’s useful.

What suprised me the most about these jeans was how well they fitted me. If I were to compare them to another pair of Levi’s jeans, I would say they fit a lot like the Slight Curve. They are incredibly skinny all over, the rise is of a medium height so it’s comfortable, they are very stretchy and soft and generally feel nice to wear while the back pockets are flattering too. These are their Legging jeans, but honestly they don’t feel or look like leggings at all, they look a lot like a pair of jeans with 5 working pockets, a button and zipper fly and general all round jean stitching, but they do feel so stretchy. They honestly are a pleasure to wear. When I first picked these up, I thought they looked really small, but like most jeggings I wasn’t too worried as I could tell they would stretch to fit. I have been wearing these quite a few times, I’ve been in a black jeans phase of late and these really filled the void I had going on.

I don’t actually own many black jeans, as it stands I probably own about 3-4 pairs out of my entire collection (which I’m ashamed to admit probably tips 300 pairs…) so black jeans are really in the minority. This is usually down to the fact that I can never find a decent pair that is actually as black as I want them to be. Many black jeans have grey or brown undertones to them and look faded, and that’s never the look I like to go for unless they are distressed, so finding the perfect black wash is always a tricky task. With these jeans though, when they say the wash is Black As Night, I would say it’s even more beyond black than that. They really are pitch black, the blackest of black washes I have seen.

The details don’t show up well at all in my close up photos due to the wash. I had to edit the colouring and zoom in on the back pocket photo, that’s why it’s not of the best quality, but you can make out the pockets and the white tab on the side, instead of a red tab. I do apologise that the close up back shot is blurry though, it’s actually fairly difficult trying to photo these jeans properly because of how black they are. That’s what I love about them though, if you are looking for a jean that’s as black as possible, then these are definitely a pair I would recommend trying! I haven’t washed them yet, as I am afraid to as they might lose their colour, so I can’t comment how well they hold up after washing. But from experience, they will fade, which is why I don’t want to stick them in the washer until I absolutely have to.

Since they are black, they are a hair and lint magnet, but of course, every black jeans do that as it’s natural for the colour to attract it. Just keep some tape or a sticky roller near by when you take them off after the day. Also, like most black jeans, they are so versatile, it’s a colour than goes with absolutely everything and the fit helps that too. I haven’t found anything that I couldn’t wear with these jeans yet!

For their price, I would absolutely 100% recommend these to you! They are perfect for a super black, comfortable and flattering jean for such a low price point of below $50! You can’t really go wrong with them. Don’t be put off that they are Juniors, as you can see from my measurements just below, they measure much like women’s jeans! I will definitely buy more of these in the near future! Buy these jeans online at Levi’s for $46. Since it’s Thanksgiving as well, they are also offering 40% off site wide with the code THANKS, which ends today, so if you hurry you can get them much cheaper.

Waist aligned -14″
Rise -8″
Inseam – 30″
Mid thigh – 7″
Hips at crotch – 17.5″
Leg opening – 4.5″

Jeans courtesy of Levi’s.

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