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James Jeans has just released their brand new coated styles for Fall in various cuts and colours. I caught up with designer, Seun Lim, to find out a bit more about the jeans, how they can be styled, what makes them different to others and more. Carry on reading below to find out about the new collection. My favourites are definitely the Twiggy in Black! I think those are gorgeous! All of the styles are available for purchase on their website by clicking here.

DB: So tell us, what makes your coated jeans different to the many others on the market?

When it comes to coated denim, it has to be the weight, touch and breathability of the fabric. You do not want to sweat in them unless you want to lose weight. Our coated denim is light, soft and has natural characteristics for a vintage coated look. One more thing to add, we use matte coats which gives you a slimmer and sexier look rather than being super shiny!

DB: What are your recommended washing instructions for the jeans?

Dry clean only for extra longevity. If you want to continue the natural vintage look of the coating then you can wash inside out in cold water and hang dry. Another method would be freezing them. I was just speaking with one of our leading denim mills and they said this was the best way to avoid washing while still cleaning your jeans. apparently the cold eliminates bacteria caused by daily wear.

DB: Will these just be for Fall 2012?

Coated denim is here to stay for a while. You will see various shades, techniques and washes. It’s like you almost have too many options and that’s what makes the coated denim so special.

DB: How would you recommend styling your new coated jeans?

Just play with texture and material. You can wear them with almost anythinglike basic white tees, chunky sweaters, tuxedo jacketsI would add some bold metal accessories for an edgier look with stilettos or booties.

DB: Will they suit everyone or do you think there are certain styles and colors for different body types?

I would say skinny and slim-straight styles. You just have to pick the right shoes to wear with them. You can wear them with stilettos, booties even with sneakers. Regarding colors, I prefer dark and neutral/earthy tones for fall.

DB: Which is your favorite color and style?

Java java java in twiggy. Very subtle dark brown, almost looks like a warm blackI love the hue.

DB: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add?

Well one of the best aspects of any coated jean is that they are 100% Animal friendly. So for all of us animal lovers, we can still wear the classic “Leather” look without anyone being harmed 🙂

DB: Thank you Seun for taking time out to do this interview with us!

Written by Lorna Burford

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