Denim Review: Paige Skyline Ankle Skinny Jeans in Porcelain Leaf Print

This weeks denim review is on the Paige Skyline Ankle Jeans in Porcelain Leaf Print. I originally fell in love with these jeans when I saw them at the AW12 press day in London and they were my favourite from the entire collection. At first glance I thought they were a spiderweb print, but then when I looked at them closer, I saw that they are leaves, which is naturally perfect for Fall!

The fit of these is exactly like Paige’s classic Skyline, however instead of fitting just right like most of her regular blue denim Skyline’s, I found these to be quite tight and very hugging, much like the Verdugo, but with a slightly different fit. I could possibly go as far as to say these feel almost like a cross between the Verdugo and Skyline in the sense that they are almost jegging like with the material, yet not skin tight from the knee down. I actually really like the snug fit these have as I was quite worried. Originally I thought that since this was a fun fashion print, it would look a bit awkward if they fitted slightly loose, so I am glad that the design team made these more elasticated and tighter fitting. That was a good change in designing which works so well. The rise is of a classic height for Paige and even though these are really an ankle jean, with my shorter legs they become full length on me, which is fine too.

I don’t usually wear white jeans very often, in fact I rarely ever do as I find a great pair incredibly hard to come across. Usually the denim is too see through so your underwear is visible or they show off your lumpy bumpy bits, but with these, I didn’t find that at all. The fabric is actually quite thick and it’s definitely thick enough to hide your underwear and keep every part of you hidden. I know these are not quite bright white. They are exactly as their name says, porcelain, because they have that creamy undertone to them, but I still class them as in the white jeans territory.

Now for the leaf print, I didn’t know how flattering these would actually be when worn, but surprisingly they are. My favourite part of them is the big leaf on my right thigh, I like how that stands out against the rest of the print, sort of like the main focal leaf that might have been the starting point of the initial design, however I know that each jean is sort of unique so the prints are not the same on every pair. I know sometimes that printed jeans can make your thighs look larger or give the overall impression that your legs are shorter and wide, but these honestly don’t do that. Granted they are not as slimming as a pair of dark blue or black skinny jeans, nothing usually is, but they don’t give false impressions either.

Since these are black and white, they are not difficult to pair at all, you can pretty much wear them with most colours, however I would recommend wearing them with something plain so that the leaf print is the focal point and the outfit doesn’t become too busy with contrasting patterns. I did take my usual size of a 27 in these and they fit me fine. They are really snug though like I mentioned above so you need to wear them a little bit so that they mould into your body shape, but they are definitely comfortable. These photos were taken during Bristol Fashion Week which I attended over here in England and I wore them all day, traveling, sitting and standing and I wasn’t uncomfortable in them once. I am very intolerant now as time has gone on to uncomfortable denim. I never used to be since I used to wear super tight 12oz rigid jeans, but I don’t have the patience to be so restricted and uncomfortable now when I don’t need to be, so comfort is always a main factor in my jeans, next to fit, and Paige ticks both boxes.

I was trying to think of some negative points that I could list with these jeans, but really the only thing I can find is that I would have liked them to be a bit tighter in the knee area as well as the ankles. This is for the simple reason of not wanting the print to get hidden in the fabric bunching. But this is most likely down to the fact that I have a smaller leg to hip/butt ratio as you know and my legs are shorter. It would be great if they came in the Verdugo, that would solve all of the problems! Another thing I did find with these jeans was that they were not the most flattering Paige jeans on the butt, I think that’s down to the print, I just feel like they made my butt look a little heavier than normal.

These jeans are quite bold, so they are definitely for the braver denim wearers, however I think if you are looking to get into the printed denim trend then these would probably be a good option due to the colour way. The black and white is very classic, but the print is quite heavy and striking so it would depend on your level of confidence in your outfits. I remember when I used to worry about wearing heavily printed denim in the beginning as I thought people would stare at me too much, but now it’s pretty much the normal routine for me, I love my bright colours, prints and textures. Do any of you own these jeans? How do you wear them? Buy these jeans online at Paige Denim for $189.

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Jeans courtesy of Paige Denim/IPR.


  1. Aaah these are the ones that I loved too! They do look great. I’m with you – embracing all of the pretty prints and colours!

  2. I’ll certainly try yes but I went to oxford street today and was tempted in Kurt Geiger and Whistles, so maybe next month!! I’ll have to try them on soon though!

  3. Those jeans are very cute but not on you. You seem to like to wear a lot of prints and jeans with a long inseam when you are short and a bit on the hippy side. These make your thighs look thick and your hips look wide. Every pair of jeans you wear does this to a certain extent but prints accentuate this figure flaw. Stop wearing the prints and make sure your shirts hit at least at mid butt so that you can balance out the fact that you have a wide hip area. You are into fashion and give advice so I would think you would know this information. Losing about 10 pounds would do the trick in changing the figure issues that make the jeans you like to wear regularly look unflattering. Short cropped jackets also make your torso look short. Take a good hard HONEST, look at your pictures, you will see that what I am saying about these things is true. Good luck to you in the rest of your endeavors.

  4. That’s actually pretty insulting to tell someone to lose 10 pounds… I’m actually a size 27 and I’m 5ft 5, I’m not really really short, I’m of average height with bigger boobs and a bigger butt, I just have shorter legs and I’m not on the hippy side at all. I have quite small legs and my butts quite round, but I don’t have really large hips, you can see that from all of my other reviews, especially the ones from back in the Summer. Yes prints make your legs look larger, which is what I mentioned in the review, but these are definitely not the worst for it. It’s actually probably the angle that makes my hips and thighs look larger here, as you can see from behind they don’t look wide at all. Angles make all the difference.

    Also the shorter jackets don’t make my torso look shorter in my opinion, I actually have a longer torso to begin with, so it evens it out quite well. I wasn’t overly happy with these photos because I was wearing a lot of layers due to the cold weather, so that obviously makes me look bigger, but I don’t by any means think I need to lose 10 pounds and if you are going around telling people who are size 27 (which is fairly small to begin with) to lose enough weight to make them fit into a size 25, then I think you need to take a look at yourself and realise you shouldn’t be so rude about peoples weight. It’s one thing to comment on peoples clothing, but when it comes to their figure, I think that’s a step too far which should never be crossed.

    Also, if you look at my reviews you will see my shirts pretty much always hit around mid butt, that’s how I always wear them, I just lift them up to take the pocket photos so that people can see the pockets. I personally don’t think all of the jeans I wear look unflattering and make me look fat and hippy with thick thighs, many other people don’t think they do either. This is just your personal opinion. I am into fashion and denim, so I give my advice on the jeans, how they fit, how they feel, the fabric, the wash, everything about them. It’s got nothing to do with losing 10 pounds. I’m not telling people how to dress. Thanks for your concern though.

    Also, I wanted to include that I am reviewing the jeans in their natural state, so if they come with a super long inseam, I leave them that way for the review.

  5. I saw your review when it firt was posted, and I loved your outfit so much it inspired me to buy these jeans!

    I have to say that I was shocked and horrified by the vitriol of the previous comment. I was glad to see your response, which was very polite and restrained given the rudeness and lack of perception of reality in the comment.

    I love your reviews. When you describe how the jeans fit you, it helps me figure out if they will work for me. I buy a lot of jeans online because there is very little selection where I live, so your honesty and willingness to talk about fit really do me a service.

  6. Hi Jeanne! Thank you very much, that’s really kind of you and I appreciate you leaving the nice comment to tell me so. I’m glad my reviews help people out a lot, I do get a lot of comments and messages saying they do help, but I know everyone will have their own opinion. That’s up to them to have, but I think that hateful comment wasn’t aimed at my reviews, it was just aimed at me in general and that’s fine if they don’t like me, not everybody will love everybody, so I’m ok with it, I’ve had some worse ones than that before. But again, thank you, that’s very kind and let me know if I can ever help out anymore than I do! I’m always here in comments! Lorna.

  7. Hi Lorna,

    I’m a big fan of your blog. It’s very helpful especially for those who like to buy jeans online Have you ever reviewed the paige kennedy boot cut? 🙂

  8. I think I’m gonna buy them. Since I started to read Denimblog, before I buy a jeans, I always want to know what do you think about them. 😉

  9. Oh well I am always here if you have questions! I have so many pairs and I don’t review all of them, so you can always comment anywhere (I see every comment) and I can help you out if I have them, but haven’t reviewed them! 🙂

  10. Hello! What a great review! 🙂

    I am currently trying to decide if a pair of these Skyline Leaf Print Skinnies will fit me. I own a pair of Paige Bell Canyons and was wondering if you would recommend the same size for these Leaf Skinnies or if I should size up. I read that you took your normal size and they fit fine, but I did notice that the Bell Canyons have about 8% stretch and these Leaf Skinnies only have 2%. I think a big part of the Bell Canyon look and comfort on my body is the fact that there is enough stretch to make my flat butt almost look like something more worthwhile 😉 Would these Skyline Leaf Skinnies be too tight? (Oh, I also have muscular calves.)

    Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

  11. Hi Jess 🙂 These are very stretchy, even though they have only 2% stretch, they are a thin denim and very stretchy. If you have muscular calves though, do you think they will be ok fitting in that area? They are quite slim. I have really tiny calves in comparison to most people and they fit me ok in the calf region. If you want I can measure them for you if you need me to? But I would personally recommend the same size because of how much they stretch!

  12. Lorna,

    I can’t thank you enough for your timely response and your willingness to help! If you don’t mind, could I trouble you to measure the calf region? I think I will probably buy these in the same size because if you find them stretchy, then they must be stretchy! 🙂

    I really have to say thank you for writing such a wonderful blog. I discovered it yesterday while trying to figure out this Skyline Leaf business and it has been so great to explore your impressive collection of denim, reviews and celebrity pictures!

    Thank you again!

  13. Hi Jess! I’m really glad you love DB! We work really hard here everyday, so it’s always nice to know it’s appreciated! Which part of the calf would you like me to measure? Mid? 🙂

  14. Thank you Lorna! It looks like they will fit! Now, all I need is this seller to relist the jeans on eBay… 😛 Thanks again!