Barbara Martelo in R13 Skinny Jeans in Dirty Grey

The stylist of all stylists! Sorry Rachel Zoe. You do modern 70’s really well, but Barbara Martelo’s personal style beats you when it comes to the modern edgy department. I really think Barbara can do no wrong. Which is probably why she is the top stylist for Vogue Espana aka Spanish Vogue.

She was spotted during Paris Fashion Week wearing a pair of what seems to be her new favorite denim brand, R13. She opted for their Skinny in Dirty Grey opposed to the Hose Leggings that she wore last season. Barbara just always gets it right! It’s a shame that she only gets sighted during Fashion Week. Every pair of pants/jeans she wears, I want. Well it actually doesn’t stop at the jeans…pretty much her whole closet. You can click here to purchase these jeans at FORWARDbyElyseWalker for $395.

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