Paige Adams-Geller & Sarah Harris Talk Denim at Selfridges With DenimBlog

I have the official images from the Destination Denim event at Selfridges with Paige Denim and British Vogue editor Sarah Harris, as well as the official video for Selfridges. You can see in these images what the event was like and how easy going it was.

I was asked to hold up my favourite pair of Paige jeans that Selfridges stock which is of course the Leaf print, which I have loved since the press day earlier in the year. Since I was talking to Paige quite a bit, I have some how popped up in a few more of the photos in the gallery below. You can watch the video above from the day as well! Enjoy! You can also see the original post with my own photos here.

Images courtesy of IPR London.


  1. Jeans are the best piece of clothing men had ever invented! well aside from the undies of course.
    I also have a collection of jeans in my closet, as of last count, i have much more jeans than tees.. 🙂
    I also love the idea of going out of the typical looks of a jeans, and giving it more designs and life by changing or innovating colors, designs, etc.
    Great work! Thank you for sharing this~