LOOK BOOK: Cotte D’Armes Spring Summer 2013

Here is the brand new Look Book for Spring/Summer 2013 from Cotte D’Armes! They held a presentation for the brand during New York Fashion Week which turned out really well. The brand’s creative director is Clarence Ruth, who has over a decades worth of experience in the fashion industry. Clarence is the native son of New York born Autumn 1981 and has been designing clothing for over a decade breaking onto the New York fashion scene with Modern Chimp, an English prep mixed with American rock theme fabric-based accessory line.

More recently Clarence expanded his contribution to the fashion world with his work for some of the most respected and trend setting designers in the industry. As head of visuals for Abercombie Fitch, Ralph Lauren and GQ designer of the year, John Varvatos, Clarence Ruth’s work has been seen throughout Manhattan and the Hamptons. These world-class icons relied on Clarence’s creative genius everyday to create an atmosphere on par with their clothing. While Clarence intends to continue impacting some of Manhattan’s most notable boutiques with his creative judgment, he is now applying his creative juice to a new fashion label.

Cotte D’Armes is a new denim approach full collection of bottoms, tops and outer garments. Based in the military essence fused with a hint of biker the distress and raw bleach treatment to the denim generates the sense of rebel darkness of the navy seal…gone rogue. You can see all of the new styles in the gallery below. What do you think of them?


  1. It was, for look books and brand introductions I always include some of the press release, slightly edited, for people to get a feel for what the brand is about. I haven’t seen the brand in person so it doesn’t make sense for me to write the entire article off my own accord. I usually include a couple of paragraphs from the press releases, then it’s through their voice 🙂