Diesel Black Gold Women’s Spring 2013

Here are the images from Diesel Black Gold’s women’s runway show at New York Fashion Week. I have included all of the photos in the gallery below, with images 1-6 being the brands key looks for the season. I have also included their press release about the collection and show. What do you think of it?

Street style is given a contemporary polish in a discreetly sporty Diesel Black Gold Spring/Summer 2013 Collection! Urban skate parks, 90’s fashion imagery, and the eclectic dress sense of creative city dwellers inspired Sophia Kokosalaki to design a collection that merges the adrenalin-driven world of skateboarding with the poise and sophistication of the contemporary art scene.

Sportswear is cleaned up and smoothed down, resulting in slickly fluid garments. These are stealth skaters, flowing through the night on silent wheels. They wear rich, innovative materials: butter-soft leather, bonded fabrics and treated denim. Edgy pieces are tempered by a feminine sensibility, giving even masculine garments a subtle ambiguity.

Women wear sharply tailored jackets and pants, as well as trim shorts and boldly sexy skirts. Net appears on dresses to create a mysterious hide-and- seek effect, or is bonded with leather for an appealing contrast of transparent and opaque. The color palette is pared down to black and white, with subtle hints of color.

Prints are inspired by the obsessive detail of street art and skate park graffiti. The brand’s rock-chic DNA remains omnipresent, but the functionality of urban sports apparel emerges as tape on pants and strap effects on dresses. The result is an uncompromisingly contemporary and wearable collection for a demanding audience with a taste for luxury and a youthful spirit.