Denim Review: Koral Los Angeles Skinny Jeans in Merlot

This weeks review is one I have been very excited to do for some time now. These jeans are from the new denim brand Koral Los Angeles and they are their Skinny in Merlot. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, we recently announced their launch here on DenimBlog. The brand was founded by the founders of 7 For All Mankind and has been flying off the shelves in stores! I can honestly say I am not usually so fond of brands that are completely brand new, I usually prefer to stick to my classics, but with these I am completely smitten and I can’t wait to tell you why!

Koral Los Angeles pride themselves on having an amazing fit that brings classics to life by making them fun and fresh, so the fit of these is actually amazing. I’m sure some of you will know that I put a photo on Instagram (@DenimBlog) of these jeans when they arrived and my initial reaction was ‘wow, this wash is incredible’ and that also flows into the fit, the details, the design, the packaging… everything is incredible.

These are super skinny all over with a lower rise and an amazing fabric that has great retraction. When you put these on they stretch out to fit your shape, yet they feel like they hold you in at the same time and fit really securely and snug all over. The back pocket placement actually reminds me of 7 For All Mankind in the sense that it’s perfectly positioned and equal on both sides, as well as being the right shape and size to be flattering. These pockets are a little bit narrower than 7 For All Mankind though and I think it makes them just as flattering.

The fabric of these is really really soft, even though it’s a poly blend, it doesn’t itch or irritate my skin one bit because it feels so delicate and smooth on the skin, which I find really impressive as usually there is always some irritation or scratchiness when polyester is involved for me. They do fit skin tight, so they do wrinkle a little bit at first, but I have worn these twice already and that goes away as they mould to your body shape more. These haven’t stretched out either or lost any shape, they seem to maintain that really well and I know the brand have worked hard on making this an important factor in their jeans.

As for the details, everything is so well thought out. They come with an authenticy card which is grey with silver edges and a care card as well, both of these are inside a grey envelope which is tucked neatly in the back pocket. They have one single rivet on the right back pocket, a little tab at the hem on one of the legs which features the brand name (image 9), their hardware is a really pretty colour and unique to the brand with their logos, they make their patches coincide with the colour of the wash and they came wrapped up in a beautiful silver box with ribbon. All of these little details really say so much about a brand, it shows me they care about every single part of their product and they want the customer to know they are getting a great pair of jeans. It reminds me of the old Diesel jeans when they used to have cool rivets and inside hem linings on some of their pairs, it would make each individual jean unique and well thought out.

Now my favourite part of these jeans is the wash. Since I don’t drink, I was thinking of a way to describe this wash, however having seen the colour of Merlot a few days ago as someones drink, I can definitely say it’s fairly accurate of that. It’s a really rich and intense shade of deep red (more like the full length photo above) that has a sheen to it. Because the fabric is so gorgeous, the jeans actually look like they have a depth to them and the wash stands out, they really are the most beautiful shade of deep red I have ever seen on a pair of jeans and I am completely in love with them. Since burgundy and reds are one of my favourite colours when it comes to denim, I have seen my fair share of shades and none can come close (so far) to this Merlot wash. I don’t think the pictures do it justice, you need to see it in person to see its beauty. I have lightened some of the close up photos so you can see the details easier, but the jeans are actually the darker shade you see in the full length photos or the video on Shopbop in the link below.

I took my usual size of 27 and these fit me perfectly, so I can say they run true to size with the likes of J Brand, Paige and 7 For All Mankind for sizing reference. I honestly can’t think of one negative point about these jeans. Like I mentioned above, I usually am not so welcoming with the new brands that come along because I have usually seen the same thing over and over again, but there is something about Koral that I have welcomed with open arms and I am very happy to have a new brand that I love! The only thing I could possibly think of is the fabric is quite a hair and fluff magnet, which is a little unusual for red jeans, but it’s not a huge issue at all. I can’t wait to see these on celebs and see what other jeans they come out with!

Also, as a heads up, I will have an interview with the brand for you very soon! I think you will love it! What do you think of them? I would definitely recommend trying Koral to any of you! You can buy these jeans online at here for $170.


  1. love those jeans by judging on the pics too! you look fab in them lorna! also love how you styled them with the matching red lip, the heels, the blazer and the slogan t-shirt that makes the outfit even more interesting as opposed to a plain t-shirt.

  2. Hi Lorna,
    These jeans look great and they are a lovely colour.
    I know premium jeans are great, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to aford £200+ jeans. It would be great to see who you think are the leaders of the denim market on the highstreet on jeans below £100…. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kate, I have actually done some lower priced denim reviews before, I really recommend American Eagle, did you see my review on those? πŸ™‚ Plus, these are the lower end of price for premium denim, they are $170 which is £104 in our money.

  4. Thank you for reviewing this brand and, as a result, introducing me to them! I just bought a pair off eBay per your glowing review! πŸ™‚

  5. Just bought a pair of these jeans at a second hand store, the fit and feel was amazing!. They cost $20 dollars, way above what I would usually pay for a pair of jeans but I couldn’t leave them!! Never heard of the brand before !!!

  6. $20 is a steal! They retail are like $200, so you got an amazing deal there! They are worth every penny though as like you said, they fit and feel amazing. Premium denim makes a huge difference compared to cheap jeans at retail. Glad you like them!

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