Denim Review: Closed Marlow Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

This weeks denim review is on a pair of Closed Marlow skinny boyfriend fit jeans that I received to review for you all. This is my third time doing a review on the brand, so it makes a change to do a different fit compared to the two moto styles that I tried before. I also like the fact that these are different to my usual reviews of the classic super skinny jeans and jeggings. Closed don’t seem to list their washes on their website, so I am not 100% sure what the wash of these is. It’s also not listed on any of the labels inside the jeans, but I think I have linked to the right pair at the bottom of this review.

I got sent a 26 in these, I think it was by mistake as I am a size 27, so I had to spend a day wearing these and breaking them in as they were really tight at first. They are supposed to be a slouchy fitting boyfriend type of skinny jean, which I always love the look of, but I think they are still a little bit too tight on me, even though I have worn them three times already. I may need to stretch them out after making them wet to get them to fit a little looser for the perfect look that I want. So, since I had to size down in these, I would say they run true to size for the fit they are supposed to have.

I love the way they look from the front, I like that slouchy look with the dropped crotch for more of a casual feel, however I’m not overly fond of how they look from behind. But then, I never really like any boyfriend jeans from the back at all. These are quite loose and baggy on the butt and keeping in tune with the normal boyfriend jean trend, they do have larger back pockets. So all of these points don’t make them very flattering to me. They are better than some really baggy boyfriend jeans, but lets be honest, when do boyfriend jeans every look good from the back? I haven’t found a pair that does. That’s the sacrifice you have to make for the comfortable fit and good look from the front.

Speaking of comfort, these are incredibly soft and comfortable! I always find it a little uncomfortable going back to regular denim after being in such light weight fabric most of the time, but since they are slouchy they are very easy to wear. I tried pairing them with heels here for a different sort of look, but I find the jeans to actually be quite masculine, so it probably wasn’t the best idea. When I go out though, I have been wearing them with flats, which I think looks so much better, I just thought I would see how else I could wear these as I tend to look so short in flats.

What attracted me to these jeans online though was the wash. It’s so pretty! It has so many little details like the small distressed holes around the sides of the knees, a couple around the front, lap whiskering (which is really well done) and honeycombs on the backs of the knees. All while still being a bright and vivid blue, it’s gorgeous! I have always appreciated a great blue wash and I always will, it takes a lot of skill and talent to make something that looks authentic and pretty at the same time. Sometimes when I see jeans with whiskers and detailing, they can look fake and not in the correct position, but these don’t at all.

So overall, I love the wash, that’s amazing! I love the way they fit from the front, although the inseam could be shorter (it is pretty long and bunchy for me even though I am of an average height of 5ft 5). I could have done with a size up, but I am making do and from the back they are not so flattering due to the bagginess and the larger pockets. I almost forgot to mention too, they have their logo/tag stitching on the zipper fly area, I think that’s really cool! Have any of you tried the Marlow jean? You can click here to buy these online at If this isn’t the same wash (I’m unsure if mine sold out as the previous link I had seems to be broken), then it’s definitely one that looks similar, I’m just not sure if it’s as blue!

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