american eagle skinny kick 7


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  1. Hey love the jeans good fit, ive been trying to find a good fitting jean for a while but in men sizes i cant so i went to girls jean sizes like 1 or 0 or 00 size and well good fit fit for me. No im not gay but i find that girls/women size jeans best fit me perfect and i like it.

  2. Hi Greg, you aren’t alone, trust me, a tonne of guys wear women’s jeans. They have a skinnier fit one some of the slimmer guys and look better. Our own writer here, Jonathan, he wears women’s skinny jeans too! It’s very popular and of course doesn’t mean you are gay in anyway, not that it would matter at all if you were, but you don’t have to feel alone in anyway, it happens often! I can suggest more to you if you ever need any help!

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