Denim Review: American Eagle Skinny Kick Jeans in Sunfaded Destroy

This weeks review is on a pair of American Eagle Skinny Kick jeans in Sunfaded Destroy. I got these as a gift and I thought it would make a different type of review since I mainly only do skinny jeans and jeggings. Believe it or not, I am actually quite a fan of American Eagle jeans. I love the fact that they have a great fit for such a cheap price point. I usually only stick to premium denim brands because they are premium for a reason, they pay attention to detail and get the fits spot on, but from the many American Eagle jeans I own and have tried, they have a good fit too. So based on that, it’s definitely a brand I would recommend to anyone looking for good fitting jeans that are cheap.

Anyway, these are the Skinny Kick which is sort of in between a bootcut and a straight leg. It’s slim all the way down with a wider leg opening than a straight leg, but it’s definitely not as big as a bootcut opening. I really like this cut and it suprised me as I’m usually only a skinny jeans girl due to my small legs. But I think because these are slim all over and not so wide at the leg opening, they still create a slim silhouette and the fabric doesn’t bulk and give the impression I’m wider like it does on bootcut jeans. I can definitely say I am a fan of the skinny/slim bootcut styles.

The back pocket placement on these, like all my other American Eagle jeans, is really nice. I find them to be flattering, central and of symmetrical proportions. One thing I find you always have to be careful with when buying non premium jeans is the back pockets. Usually the placement is a bit too low, too high, too wide, too narrow, spaced unevenly etc, but these are in a good position. The rise is fairly low, but I find that to be flattering for the cut and I would say the regular inseam, which I have, is the perfect length for my wedge sneakers too. I haven’t measured it, but if you want me to do so just leave a comment and I will.

I took a size 4 in these, as I do with all my American Eagle jeans, and I find that equates well to my usual size of a 27 (sometimes a 26). They run fairly true to size, but the part where you can tell that they differ from premium denim is in the fabric. Although the wash is quite nice and I like the little distressed holes in places against the mid blue denim with the subtle sequins on the back pockets, the quality of the denim is definitely not as good as most premium brands, but then I never expected it to be based on the price. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying you can definitely feel the difference. It’s less sturdy and more on the stretch out and stay baggy side. It has that thickness/stiffness to it that will stretch out quite easily and probably not retain its shape very well. My jeggings I have are doing fine, but since these are a regular denim, that’s the impression I get from them so far.

But for their price point, they are definitely really good jeans. You get a lot of plus points like a great fit, huge variety of sizing from 00-18 and lots of washes to choose from for such a little price. They are even on sale the moment too, so you can buy these jeans for just $29.99. Are any of you a fan of American Eagle jeans too? I know Selena Gomez is!


  1. Do you ever wear highstreet denim? if not why? if so, which one would you be most likely to wear? 🙂

  2. Do you mean high street from England or did you mean another country? I’m not sure 🙂 I’m assuming you mean England, in which case not really. I’ve tried many many jeans in places like River Island, Topshop etc, but I can never get them to fit nicely. I always like how some of them look, but the fit is never good for me. They can look ok from the front, but as soon as I turn around the back pockets look awful and they make my butt look terrible, it’s just not good. If I could find a pair that were really flattering, I would love to wear them! I’m going to try Hollister soon as we just got that store here not long ago, maybe those might work out. I do have a few topshop denim shorts, those are quite nice, but for full length jeans I can’t find any. So that’s why I usually stick to premium denim 🙂 purely because of the fit of them. The fit is the most important thing to me, especially from the back 🙂

  3. So glad you did an AEO jean review! I think that for the price, you get a great pair of jeans. Definitely a good alternative if you are not sure about trying the lastest denim trend. I find that their skinnies are not very skinny though so buyers should beware and maybe order the jeggings in lieu. Another bonus, they ship worldwide! 🙂

  4. I have only tried their jeggings, I don’t usually pick skinnies as they are never skinny enough from most brands, but thanks for letting everyone know! That’s useful information 🙂

  5. You buy premium denim because you want to be elitist in some way, shape, or form. There’s no reason this side of suburban hell you need 100$+ jeans. You’re fucking nuts, or dull if you think otherwise.

  6. That’s actually not true in the slightest, I wear premium denim purely because of how they fit and how well the denim is made. If I was an elitist I would feel pride in wearing them and think of myself as above everyone else, which I don’t. I prefer my jeans minimal and classic, no branding, no prints etc because I prefer people to not know what I’m wearing. If you actually tried a pair of amazing premium denim jeans (not every brand is amazing though) and compared them to a really cheap brand, you would instantly see and feel the difference. Everyone has their own likes and loves in life, denim is mine. I wear American Eagle jeans anyway and I also wear Levi’s jeans, as long as I have a pair that fits good and feels good, I’m happy to wear them. If there was a jean that cost $500 and fitted me terribly then I wouldn’t wear it just because of the price, I would rather pick American Eagle. It purely is about what fits me well and what’s made well, so please don’t jump to conclusions and try and judge people before actually knowing anything about them. If you don’t love denim, then you are probably on the wrong website, DenimBlog is specifically for those who love jeans and denim. Have a great day!

  7. Hey Lorna, its been a few years. Ive bought a few things from AEO but never jeans. I was thinking of buying a pair. Since its been a few years could I ask how well your AE jeans, I know you have a few not just this one, have held up? Specifically the jeggings. Have they stretched out? If so to an unwearable degree? How many months/years would you say the lifespan is? Thanks if you could reply soon, you’re always so helpful.

  8. Levis were the expensive ones when I went back to school shopping at $40 a pop in the 90s with my mom at Jcp. And that was just for the regular ones, not the silver tabs. In most countries Levi’s are considered premium denim and are much more expensive than here in the US where you sound like you are trolling from…..

  9. I’m selling all mine on eBay currently cuz they no longer fit, but I’ve found that they wear out faster than my other fav Silver jeans, mk, Levi’s & Lucky. Now that it is time for a new wardrobe I went and bought 7fam, mother, j brand, citizens, and mih. I really liked the hi rise super skinny jegging I used to have and a tom girl Super destroyed boyfriend Jean I tried on recently. also the boho flare has a retro feel that is really on trend right now and I love those types of clothes! Sorry new iPhone keeps randomly capitalizing, ahhhh lol

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