Denim Review: 7 For All Mankind The Skinny in Metallic Gold

When I first saw these jeans online at Shopbop a few weeks back, I instantly fell in love with them, so when 7 For All Mankind sent them to me to review, I was really excited. I have a thing for metallic jeans at the moment and you might remember that I reviewed a pair of silver Hudson’s a few weeks back, so it’s nice to try the opposite colour and do these gold ones. I also mentioned last time that my search for a good pair of metallic jeans was still on, but after this pair, I think I’m finally happy!

The Skinny is 7 For All Mankind’s skinniest fit and it’s really flattering. They don’t feature their signature squiggle on the back pockets so they are very minimal and plain. They would suit anyone who loves simplicity in their jeans and isn’t a fan of branding. The inseam is fairly long, it’s a lot longer than on their Gwenevere, but because of how skinny the cut is, it looks really nice when it’s stacked at the ankles.

I have reviewed a pair of The Skinny jeans from the brand before (last year), and what I mentioned back then about the Gwenevere being my favourite cut over The Skinny, still stands today, but only slightly. I took my usual size of 27 in these and I do think they are gorgeous and very flattering, just as you would expect from 7 For All Mankind. They have perfectly positioned back pockets, a great rise, a slim fit all over and a comfortable denim, but the thing that sets them apart from the Gwenevere is purely the inseam. I prefer the shorter length on the Gwenevere’s to these. That’s not that much of an issue though, sometimes it’s nice to wear a longer jean instead of an ankle peg.

Just like the silver ones a little while ago, these do still wrinkle all over, however the denim is a lot thicker, so it’s more sturdier and less noticeable in my opinion. I don’t think I will find a metallic super skinny jean that doesn’t wrinkle though, purely because of the metallic wash/coating, it’s always going to do that as it creates a stiffness. Overall though, I just love how these fit me and how they sit on my legs.

The wash is pretty cool, it’s actually painted on. You can see in the last photo (in the gallery below) of the jeans showing the inside of the waist band and with the leg turned up so you can view inside. Everything is dark blue, so these are just a dark blue regular pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans which have been painted gold. The metallic paint has a brushed look in some places so it’s slightly more see through on places like the outerseams, hems and waistband, but I think this makes them really unique. I am unsure how well the paint will hold up once they are washed, as I haven’t washed them and don’t plan to, but hopefully it stays on. I would expect it to, but maybe after quite a few washes it might start to crack and fade. However, these are fun jeans and mostly for an occasion rather than everyday wear, so I don’t think that would be too much of an issue.

I absolutely love these and can’t wait to wear them more, especially once it gets colder! The only negative I could find with these is the simple fact that they are very hard to pair things with. I’m usually pretty good at styling my clothes and it’s something that I have a passion for, but I did have a little bit of difficulty with these. I decided to go down the monochrome route of keeping everything in an all gold and cream tone, so that the colours matched and it balanced it all out. That’s my only down point to these jeans, they are not very versatile, but then again, when would a pair of metallic gold jeans ever be very versatile? What’s your opinion on these jeans? Do you love the metallic trend too? Buy these jeans online at for $198.


  1. Those jeans look great & love the shoes too! They have a lot of coated and metallic jeans this fall season that would be nice to have but it would be nice to know from others how well the color holds up to washing or are they a dry clean garment?

  2. Winnie, dont you think it would look nice as it washes down, seeing the indigo come through the metallic. i think it would be better if it washed nicely!

  3. Winnie the care label says you can wash them, inside out, but don’t tumble dry them. I would probably say do it on a cool wash and then you have less chance of the paint coming off, but I do agree with what Kate said, it might actually look pretty cool with it fading and the blue denim showing through, I don’t know.

  4. Lorna,

    I was wondering how these jeans are holding up for you? I just wore mine for the first time, and everywhere that the jeans would rub against each other or anything else, the gold has rubbed off showing the dark blue denim. It makes it look dirty since it doesn’t crackle or fade. I’m disappointed since after only one wear, its lost its gold. I can only imagine after a few more wears, they will be completely ruined. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Oh no that’s awful! I haven’t worn mine long enough for them to rub against anything, but I could see the paint cracking if they did, so that makes sense. I think these are jeans that are only special occasion jeans and need to be treated with such care. Maybe contact 7FAM and see if they could offer you some advice or a replacement?

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