Amanda Bynes in Double Denim

Amanda Bynes was seen running out of gas in Studio City, California so she had to pull into a shopping center and walk to the nearest gas station for help. A gas station employee and Amanda walked back to her car with a gallon of gas which he pumped as she went to the nearest ATM to pay him. She then jumped into her car leaving the gas cap open and drove off. It sounds like she definitely had an eventful day!

Amanda wore a pair of black denim shorts with leopard print on the front which she paired with an American flag denim shirt, studded flats and a Chanel bag. I wouldn’t have thought about pairing both of these prints together in one outfit, but she some how makes it work and I quite like it. It could be the fact that I just adore the shorts though, I think they are gorgeous! I think Amanda has changed so much, I almost didn’t recognise her with the bright blonde hair. I’ve always been used to her as a brunette.

Images courtesy of Merino/

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