Kim Kardashian in Washborn Coated Jeggings in Black

Kim Kardashian was spotted doing some shopping with boyfriend Kanye West at Neiman Marcus in Woodland Hills, California. She wore a pair of Washborn Coated Jeggings in Black for the shopping trip with a hoodie. This is probably the most normal I have seen Kim dress. Even with the boots, it is pretty casual for Kim.

This mall is literally a few minutes away from where I live. It bums me out a bit that on the many days that I don’t go there (I order everything), Kanye decides to make a trip to my local mall. I’m not one of those rabid fans that stalk the celebrities, but I think it is nice to see them act normal. Well…I doubt that this might be his last trip there though. The Kardashian/Jenner clan seem to frequent this mall quite often. You can click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22 for $130.

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