DenimBlog x Earnest Sewn 30 Day Denim Challenge – Jonathan’s Finished Jeans

Here is the final product of the 30 day Challenge with Earnest Sewn. Not much changed in the jeans since the last time we posted about these. I was hoping that the fade would get a bit more subtle, but that didn’t really happen. I am though still pretty happy with the way they turned out with the detailing that I added.

The fit pretty much stayed the same for me because they were loose to begin with. The creasing didn’t really stay like I had hoped, but I sanded the creasing where the creasing would actually be, like behind the knees, thighs, and hips.

When I was adding the detail to my jeans, I was thinking about a pair of Levi’s that I had (and regrettably donated) that had all these natural and unnatural distressing throughout the jeans. The rip under the belt loop was one that came natural with my other jeans. I for some reason liked the way it looked, so I decided to add that to these.

Though I wish I was able to add some more tears here and there, I didn’t have much time during those 30 days. I still would have liked to put a minor rip at the corner of the knees. Well I was basically trying to bring those old jeans back to life. Being a darker wash though, they would have been more versatile than my other ones.

You can see all the shots of the details that I added below and how they looked right when I first got them.