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  1. Hi there!

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it! Those jeans look great on you, I really like the fit.

    I have a question regarding the sizing of this style if you don’t mind, I’m a size 27 in the japanese luxe twill 811 and I’ve read somewhere that they don’t fit exactly the same. Would you recommend getting the same size or a 28 in these ones?


  2. Hi Florence! These actually run the same to me as the Japanese twill versions, however they are stretchier and more comfortable. These are obviously denim and not twill, that’s the difference. They are also a different cut, but in terms of sizing, I am a 27 in these just as I am in the Japanese twill. They stretch out to so I wouldn’t recommend going up a size at all, I’d say stick with the 27, the 28 would probably be too big after time. Hope that helps!

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