Denim Review: J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Bluebell

I apologise for not having done a review in about 3 weeks, I didn’t realise it had been so long, but the reviews are quite time consuming and I wasn’t able to do any for a little while. Sorry about that! This weeks review is on the J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny jeans in Bluebell though. A pair that have been incredibly popular on Katie Holmes. She’s been living in these for a while.

I got these jeans as a gift from J Brand (not for reveiwing purposes), but I thought I would review them anyway since J Brand is one of the most popular brands on DenimBlog at the moment and I haven’t really done a classic blue J Brand review before. The 811 cut is actually really quite nice. They are more like a thicker jegging than a jean because they are super stretchy, but they are cut like a pair of jeans. The 811 is skinny all the way down, as you can see, right from the thighs to the ankle, which is just how I like my skinny jeans to fit; super super skinny. The rise is higher than most (I took a close up shot in the gallery), I haven’t measured it exactly, but I would say it’s over 8″, but it sits comfortably just above the hips.

The only thing that I am not fond of with this cut is the back pocket positioning. For me, they are placed too high, so you can see a gap from the bottom of the butt cheeks and the bottom of the pockets. I’m not a fan of pockets like this as I like them to fit just right, that being the bottom of the pockets at the bottom of the butt. I know from speaking to people that positioning them higher is supposed to create the illusion of a higher and more pert butt, I know MiH do this on their Marrakesh too, but for me, it never works out that way at all. I find it to just look strange and make my butt look wider and flatter than it is. I think though, this positioning works fairly well for those ladies with smaller tushes as I can imagine the pockets fitting more correctly, more than they do on me.

When I first got these jeans (in a size 27, my regular size) they were quite tight. They fitted really snug all over, but after wearing them just one time they already stretched out. I have worn these about 4 times since I got them and I can say they have given about half a size, so they fit more comfortably now and have moulded to my shape more. So if you buy these, definitely make sure you buy them very snug to begin with because they will stretch out. The denim is 10 ounces of super stretch denim and it is very comfortable. It’s soft against the skin and really nice to wear, I have no issues with that at all. I really like the fabric. The inseam is around 30″ which I think is the perfect length for most heights. It can be cropped on the taller ladies and longer on the shorter ladies.

The Bluebell wash is really different actually. Some people are not a fan of it because they find it quite bland and basic, while others really like it. I’m personally stuck in the middle right now. It is a dull/bland wash with not much to it, but I can’t help but be attracted to it. It’s got this intense blue undertone and a dusty overtone, so it’s definitely a strange one to decide if you like it or not. I think I do, obviously it’s not my favourite, but I do like it, it’s very versatile and goes with most things, it’s easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. I would say it’s a good ‘classic’ wash, one that you would need for versatility more than prettiness. I would say from my photos, the close up shot of the back pockets and the rise is the most accurate colour of the jeans, it looks just like that. On my computer screen anyway. It’s not completely like the J Brand website images in my opinion. It’s a bit brighter.

But overall, I do like the super skinny fit and the comfort of these jeans. I’m not overly fond of the back pocket placement as I mentioned above, it doesn’t sit well on my butt for me, and I do like the classic tone of the wash. What I would love to see though is this type of denim fabric with this thickness and stretch in something like the 910 cut, that would be great. I find the 910 fits me really well, back pockets and all, and then it would be better if it got released in some amazing worn in and whiskered washes. That would be ideal! What do you think of these jeans? They are super popular, so I think many must like them! Buy them online at J Brand for $205.

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  1. Lorna, I havent visited this site in quite some time, but I feel it’s rather important to say that I may become a frequent visitor again if you start posting more pictures of your amazing butt. In fact – is there any possibility you would be inclined or persuaded to send me pictures of it in boy shorts?

  2. I think if they made the 910s in their Leon wash (used for their shorts) that would be perfect!

  3. I really love this jeans on you. Do you prefer paige verdugo skinny jeans or these? Are these thicker?


  4. I prefer the Paige Verdugo to these because the back pockets on the Verdugo are more flattering, these are too high up for me. They are about the same thickness, maybe these are slightly more thicker, but there isn’t that much difference. It depends on which Verdugo you have tried, some are thicker and some are thinner.

  5. I agree with you on the pockets of J Brand jeans. I think the pocket positioning would work well on someone who needs a bit of help in the butt department, but on me it just does not look right. :/ I really think that Paige jeans suit me the best just the way that you describe it.

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