Alexa Chung in a Denim Dress

I love this photo of Alexa Chung out and about in SoHo, New York. It’s almost like it could be a Vogue editorial. The paps took a great shot with the intense blur in the background and making Alexa completely in focus, it’s perfect!

It makes it even more appealing that she’s wearing one of her favourite pieces, a denim dress. This one is different to the one she usually likes to wear. Alexa opted for a mid wash pinafore style this time around. It does look like the bottom of it is sewn together to make it into a really baggy pair of shorts though, but I’m unsure if that’s the angle or if that’s the style of the dress.

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  1. The idea of a denim dress is pretty cute. With the perfect fit, I think it’s the kind of dress that will flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Although, I’d have to agree that the bottom looks like a baggy pair of shorts in this photo. Nonetheless, it looks fresh and Alexa looks great in it and I LOVE her accessories! What a way to be stylish in heat. 🙂

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