Rihanna in J Brand Aiden Boyfriend Jeans in Gemini

Rihanna got snapped while she was out and about in New York City last week. I read an interview about Rihanna where she said she was upset with her new size zero body. I was a bit confused by the statement since I don’t think she can be a size zero? Not in jeans anyway. She doesn’t look the size of Victoria Beckham. What’s your opinion on that?

For her night out, Rihanna wore a pair of J Brand’s Aiden Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans in Gemini with a sheer black shirt and black sneakers. I can’t say I like this look on her though, I think it looks really sloppy, she should have at least tucked the shirt in at the front a bit or worn a tighter one, I don’t think it’s flattering on her at all really. I do love how she did her make up though, it looks really pretty here! Buy J Brand online at Singer22.com.

Images courtesy of Curtis Means/ACE/INFdaily.com.


  1. Definitely doesn’t look like a zero. But I think her body always looks toned and healthy, she wouldnt want to be a zero. And shes really tall, I think tall people look better with some meat on their bones.

  2. I agree, she’s 5ft 8 isn’t she? We would definitely see at that height if she was a 0 or not, I was just so confused by the statement. She would look terrible at a size 0, I’m glad she’s not, even if she thinks she is lol!