New Leather Styles by Rag & Bone

Ahh! The heavens are singing right now in my head. These are the new leather styles for fall by Rag & Bone. First are my favorite, the ones above. They are so cool! Leather and zippers are just the best combination. Plus it comes in black! Couldn’t be any better. Next are the Suede Devi in Wine. The color and details are just amazing. I love the border around the ankle-zips. The little details can make a huge difference to make each pair stand out amongst the rest.

Remember the skinny pieced pair that were released a few months back, well Rag & Bone did it in reverse. Instead of leather panels in the front, it is denim, and instead of denim in the back, it is leather. This one is called the Jekyll and will be sure to stand out just like its fraternal twin. Last are their classic skinny leathers. This time it comes in a stone colored wash called Anthrocite. These give off an almost glitter effect when they shine, which I think many will love as everyone is always looking for something new.

This is just a peek at what is to come with their leather styles. There are more. Including a few exclusives for Intermix. I’ll keep you posted when these and the exclusives are all available.

One Comment

  1. O.M.G. this are very very cool leather jeans!
    The style whit the zippers i’ve never saw in this kind of leather style.
    Only the streat zippers on the front, this is a cool type of a combination fore the look of a black jeans and leather combinated!
    Im a fan!

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