Earnest Sewn x DenimBlog 30 Day Denim Challenge – Part 4

Here is our last update of progress in a joint post on our Earnest Sewn jeans for the 30 Day Denim Challenge. The next post will be of the finished jeans and we will each do our own post that will document our experience in full and show them from start to finish. We have made quite a few changes to our jeans during this past week and you can see them below.


I have slowly been sanding and filing my jeans as the days go on and this morning I actually did a whole lot to them in terms of fading. I’ve been working on them loads and I have faded the areas that have creased up a lot with wear. I’ve gone for a more authentic sort of approach with my jeans as I love classic washes the most. I don’t plan on adding anything to them other than some more fading. I do have some final plans this coming week to do on the back pockets, but I wont mention what that might be just yet. The only thing that bugs me about my jeans at the moment, is still not being able to wash them. Having faded them a lot, they really need to be washed so that the creases are not so contrasted against the dark blue denim. But as I am unable to that, I have plans to lighten up the jeans all over without washing.


As you can see from the photos, my jeans still haven’t really started fading. There is some light discoloration on the seams but nothing very noticeable. However, like Lorna, mine have started to stretch out a lot more since the past few weeks but they’re still very comfortable.

Last week, I mentioned a DIY project that I was working on. I’ve always loved studded and embellished jeans and so I wanted to give these a little embellishment. I found these tiny gold studs and added them along the coin pocket. I’d seen it done in a similar way before, only using larger studs. I thought the smaller ones were not as bold as larger ones and suited my style more. I can’t decide if I want to add some more studs all around the coin pocket (out to the seam) but it may be hard since the denim is so much thicker there. So far I’m really happy with the way it turned out but I haven’t decided if I’ll add more studs elsewhere on the jeans.


I finally took the time out to sand my jeans down. I was getting a bit bummed that they were fading very little from the sun. So I decided to add some distressing myself. I started off with the sanding the whiskering at the hips. I sat down to see where it would crease then sanded those areas. Then I did the back of the knees. This one was a bit trickier, but they came out really well. I then took them off to start sanding the thighs and back of the calves. After all the sanding that I did, I got some scissors and went at it with the scraping. I ripped the edges of the pockets and added a hole under one of the belt loops. I tried doing the knee area, but the jeans weren’t having it. I’m going to attempt that area again in the coming week. I think a tear there would work really well. I am also hoping that the more I wear these jeans the more the sanded area and actual wash of the jeans somehow fade into each other to look more natural. Hopefully it does. You guys can see how that will turn out next week.

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