Earnest Sewn x DenimBlog 30 Day Denim Challenge – Part 3

Here is our third post on our Earnest Sewn jeans during the 30 Day Denim Challenge. We have had a little more progress than last time and you can see our photos and writing below. Next week we will document our wear in post 4 and then we will each do a final post at the end of the challenge showing the change from start to finish.

I have definitely had an increase in creasing on my jeans, especially in the lap area and behind the knees as you can see in the photos. However I am in the process of helping them along by sanding some of the creases to lighten them up. You can see I have started on the lap area and plan to do more, I’ve also did a little bit on the honeycombs behind the knees, but I am taking it slowly to make them look more authentic rather than do it all in one go and make a mess of things.

They have stretched out a lot and now fit me quite loosely unfortunately, but at least they are comfortable to wear. It’s actually really quite difficult getting these to progress without washing them though. It’s such a shame we are not allowed to get water on them as that would really help with the fades and wearing them in so much. I’m looking forward to working on them during the next week though and seeing how they come along.

This past week, I spent a lot of time traveling and of course, wore my skinny jeans on the plane. I’m really glad that I wore these for travel, since they’re very comfortable. They were stretchy enough while wearing them for a few hours in cramped quarters, it wasn’t uncomfortable and they still looked really polished.

Thus far, they’re still retaining their color nicely and have only slight fading in regularly creased areas. I’m working on a little customization project and will show pictures of it when I finish up!

Not much has changed so far besides a little natural fading from the sun. They are a bit lighter. Not enough though to tell from the photo. Only if you look up close in person. I have distressed the edges and sanded the the creases a bit after I took this photo. Being on the looser side has definitely detoured the creasing from holding. I am going to wear the jeans in for the next week to give the dye some time to bleed into the detail to give them a more natural fading. Hopefully they turn out the way I want them by next week and that you guys like them.

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