DenimBlog x Earnest Sewn 30 Day Denim Challenge

Earnest Sewn asked us writers here at DenimBlog (Jennifer, Jonathan and myself) to take part in their 1 month denim wearing challenge/contest along with lots of other bloggers who are enthusiastic about denim! The rules were simple, you need to wear their jeans for 30 days straight and document how they change and evolve. You can also customize them and do what you want to them to make them your personal jeans, as long as you don’t wash them. The pair of jeans that Ben likes the most will then be replicated and sold which is pretty cool!

So this is our first post on the Earnest Sewn 30 day denim challenge and there will be 3 more, one each week. We will all document how the jeans are changing and whatever we plan to do to them along with photos of how they look. This first post is on us talking about the challenge and how we feel about it, along with our jeans in their brand new state. We are all looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


I have been a raw denim fan for quite a few years now. I have 2 previous pairs broken in and faded, but I haven’t been into raw denim for a little while since I was more interested in the trends and what is new. I was excited to get back into the swing of things though with this challenge! At first, I wasn’t really sure how well they would break in because they are very very stretchy and quite a thin denim. They are probably the comfiest pairs of raw looking jeans I have ever tried. This does make me think that they are probably one wash or rinsed as they don’t seem to bleed very much either. I hope that they do crease and fade quite well.

I know a lot of people are actually disgusted by the idea of raw denim, that being not washing them and constantly wearing them. It’s not actually that bad though. As long as you are clean and you don’t go doing strenuous things like hiking or running then they are fine. It only really depends on how dirty the person gets themselves. I don’t usually wash my jeans much anyway, I keep them on rotation and I don’t like to wash them because the pretty wash fades. I do wash the ones I wear the most, but the rest I don’t like to as I see no point if you don’t wear them that much. I do have a couple of ideas for these jeans, but it depends on how well they fade and crease. I was thinking about helping the process along a little with some DIY if they don’t do so well. But I will keep you updated!


I was really excited when Earnest Sewn asked me to participate in this challenge! After working with DenimBlog for a while, I’ve seen so many really awesome pairs of aged raw denim, but I’ve never had the opportunity to age my own. The wash on these is gorgeous and very dark, which I love! I’m really excited to see how they wear and fade over time. I have a few ideas of how I may personalize them, but may end up leaving them as they are and just allow daily wear and tear to create a unique look.


When I heard us writers were given the chance to do the “30 Day Challenge” for Earnest Sewn, I got really excited. I haven’t broken in a pair of jeans in years. What I noticed about this specific pair (the Kyrre) was that it ran a bit big for me compared to the Harlan that I had a few years back. I could have gone down a size or two. Being a bit loose I am a bit unsure how much detail this pair would get. I did notice though, that even after I tried them on to see how they fit, the creasing started to show on the back of the knees. So hopefully it ends up working out for the better and they start showing some wear.

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